John Waclawsky

Chief Software Architect, Motorola

John Waclawsky
John Waclawsky joined Motorola in August of 2005 as the chief software architect for the Motorola Software Technology Groups. He is also responsible for leading the Motorola Software team in concert with the Motorola Business Units, Labs, and the CTO organization in constructing unified software architecture for Seamless Mobility useful across Motorola’s business units for coordinated product and solution development. His main architecture role is to guide the development of reference components that strategically leverages Motorola software assets and promote their large-scale re-use.

Waclawsky has an extensive telecommunications background with broad skills and practical experience with most LAN and WAN architectures, as well as project management and systems management disciplines. He is consistently innovative and holds 38 U.S. patents with over a dozen pending. He was also awarded IBM’s top $150,000 suggestion award and has published more than 30 external technology papers and industry articles.

Prior to Motorola, Waclawsky defined the next generation IOS software for Cisco Systems and served as a technical leader for the Mobile Wireless Group at Cisco Systems, where he was responsible for the definition of mobile wireless and broadband architectures, and the identification of solution requirements and eco-system partners that supported the convergence of wireless networks and the Internet.

Before joining Cisco, Waclawsky spent more than 20 years at IBM. His numerous IBM contributions included pioneering work that lead to the development of a number of profitable services, including a Network Traffic Analysis expert system still in commercial use today. He has in-depth experience specifying networking and software architectures and served as a founder and member of the IBM Consulting Board for the networking, application, database, and systems management consulting practices.

Waclawsky was the Technical Plenary Chair of the Mobile Wireless Internet Forum and a member of the Open Mobile Alliance board, as well as editor of the WiMAX Network Working Group. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Drexel University, a master's degree in computer and information sciences from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master's degree and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Maryland.

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