Jeffery Black

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, TalkPlus

Jeffery Black is chief executive officer and founder of TalkPlus, and has over 28 years of international business experience in developing and marketing emerging technologies in the wireless, internet search, and internet appliance markets.

As CEO, Black directs every aspect of the company, from strategic vision and product development to marketing and operations issues. During his career, Black has founded and sold several companies including, iAtlas Corporation, and Prior to TalkPlus, Inc., Black was acting chief executive officer/investor of BizExpense, Inc.; vice president of business development for Conomae Corporation; and vice president, Business Solutions Division, for the AltaVista Company. He also held numerous management and technology positions at Digital Equipment Corporation and the Tandy Corporation.

While at Digital Equipment Corporation, Black held top secret security clearances with the National Security Agency (NSA), allowing him to work closely with a number of other government agencies, including the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Black holds six patents for his work in emerging technologies and has completed coursework in computer science and business management from Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland.

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