John Curlander

John Curlander

Dr. John C. Curlander is internationally recognized for his work in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems and data processing. His research efforts have led to many of the operational techniques currently used in today’s SAR processors. Dr. Curlander worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena for many years where he became responsible for all SAR ground system activities and space borne SAR programs. In 1992, Dr. Curlander accepted the position of President and CEO of Vexcel Corporation in Boulder, Colorado. In this role, he led the company to significant growth with an increasing emphasis on satellite ground systems, photogrammetry and radar signal processing. Dr. Curlander helped the company to establish a leadership role in remote sensing data processing systems and to become the world’s leading provider of signal processors for space borne SAR systems.

Since the May 2006 acquisition of Vexcel by Microsoft Corporation, Dr. Curlander has served as General Manager of what is now known as Microsoft Boulder. In this role, Dr. Curlander oversees the business unit to ensure best execution of the vision that Microsoft has for the group’s role in the success of the Virtual Earth platform and Live Search Maps as well as other Vexcel related business activities.

Dr. Curlander has over 25 publications in refereed journals and over 50 conference publications on SAR signal processing, pre-processing and post-processing techniques. He has received numerous awards for his contributions from organizations that include NASA and IEEE as well.

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