David Durand

CEO, Tizra, Inc.

David Durand

David Durand is CEO of Tizra Inc. http://www.tizra.com/ which provides a fully-hosted solution for publishing and disseminating books and other documents on the web, converting old PDF content inventories into new revenue, via fully navigable online publication sites. At Ingenta he managed publishing systems technologies, worked as a sales engineer for custom web sites, and worked on the e-BioSci research project. Previously, at Dynamic Diagrams and Cadmus, he was CTO, working on client projects including the Journal of the American Medical Association, McGraw-Hill's Access Science and Access Medicine projects, among others.

David has been involved with document standards activities for almost 20 years, including the Text Encoding Initiative (Committee work on markup techniques and hyperlinking, and an administrative stint on the TEI Council), the W3C (member of the original XML working group, and the XLink working group). He has co-authored several papers on markup languages, and with Steven DeRose, he wrote Making Hypermedia Work: A User's Guide to HyTime.

David's research interests (prehaps predictably) focus on documents. His dissertation research at Boston University was on the topic of collaborative editing, which let to early work with the WEBDAV IETF group, and co-authorship of RFC 2291. At Dynamic Diagrams, he helped conceive and led the development of MAPA, a site mapping and visualization tool, and at Ingenta he led collaboration between Ingenta and the e-BioSci research project. He participated in a collaborative group led by Noah Wardrip-Fruin in the creation of Regime Change and NewsReader, electronic arts projects for turbulence.org.

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