Tim Ellis

MySQL DBA, digg.com

Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis is the database and cluster scaling engineer at digg. He monitors, tunes, deploys, and destroys MySQL instances on digg's 100+ machine cluster. He also has his fingers in the memcached, Nagios, and Cacti deployments.

Tim has been a professional DBA for about a decade, administering Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL, IBM DB/2, and PostgreSQL. He has been administering MySQL for the past four years in high-volume database shops including There.com and Friendster.

He started working with computers as a child, went to the University of Kansas to acquire a Bachelor's in Computer Science, then moved to California to help accelerate the demise of the dotcom movement in the late 90's around Y2K.

Tim has travelled widely, working with databases and clusters in Reno, New Zealand, Taiwan, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

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