James Dixon

Senior Architect and Chief Technology (a.k.a. "Chief Geek"), Pentaho Corporation

Our core technology leader, James has over 15 years of professional experience in software architecture, development and systems consulting. James most recently served as the CTO of EPM at Lawson Software where he was the lead technical resource behind the new EPM platform. He designed, prototyped, collaborated with other departments, helped evaluate acquisition candidates for the platform, and served as a mentor for numerous engineers involved in the project. James joined Lawson as the result of the acquisition of Keyola, where he was a founder and Chief Engineer. In this role, he helped design, architect, develop, test and work with prospects to ensure the success of Keyola's pioneering Proactive Business Intelligence Platform.

Prior to Keyola James served as the CTO of the Analysis Tool Business Unit at Hyperion, where he led the technical effort to create an integrated platform for reporting, analysis, portal/dashboards and application development tools. James joined Hyperion as the result of the acquisition of Appsource. James was a founder of Appsource Corporation in 1995 and over the subsequent 5 years worked on every release of Wired for OLAP / Arbor Wired for OLAP / Hyperion Analyzer and in every part of the application: Windows client, Java client, HTML client, and Analysis Server. James held positions as engineer, architect, engineering manager and "Chief Geek" - where he was responsible for assisting product integrations, defining recruitment strategy, creating prototypes, evaluating new technologies, and guiding the introduction of those technologies into the product suite.

Prior to Appsource, James was a leader on the initial roll-out of the industries first object-based BI product where he built numerous industry applications for Global 2000 companies.

Besides working with software companies, James has also worked with large and small consulting firms, gaining a key insight into how customers really operate. Additionally, while at Southampton University, England, James specialized in Graphical User Interfaces, Human-Computer Interaction, Object Oriented Languages and wrote his thesis on the graphical representation of large quantities of complex multidimensional data.