Jonathan Stowe

Sr VP and Chief Technology Officer, Thomson Higher Education

Jonathan Stowe, Sr. VP and CTO, of Thomson Higher Education has 16 years experience in software applications development and 10 years in a senior role identifying and delivering web content products. Before joining Thomson Higher Education, Jon was director of New Initiatives at John Wiley and Sons, Inc. At Wiley, he Built and launched Wiley Plus; went from 3,000 users and $500,000 in revenue to 45,000 users and $8,500,000 in revenue yr. 1 and 175,000 users, $14MM yr. 2 and was responsible for the higher education division's technology strategy, and developing key strategic partnerships. Jon also worked for the Gartner Group and built Gartner Interactive, Gartner's first unified content site. Three months after its launch 43% of Gartner's business moved completely online with the product. Stowe has managed information technology and online product groups at McGraw-Hill Education, Harper Collins Publishers and Times Mirror Higher Education. The products Stowe has created have consistently won awards for their innovation, scalability, and ease of use. He is based in the Bay Area and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut in 1991.

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