Mario Limonciello

Senior in Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University

Mario is a Senior in Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University, although lately he has been taking a lot more Computer Engineering technical electives. He has always had a passion for learning how things work. As a child he took apart many electronics just to peer inside and see if they would still work when reassembled. Naturally, using Linux made sense and provided an immersive learning experience.

He began using MythTV on Gentoo during 2004. MythTV was very well supported and maintained on Gentoo at that time. When moving to Ubuntu in late 2005, one of his biggest complaints was that MythTV packages weren't being actively updated or well supported on the forums. He filled this void in 2006 by working on the packages, writing documentation, providing support on the forums, and giving back to the Ubuntu community. In late 2006 he was approached by Jono Bacon to form a Ubuntu-MythTV team to split up the effort. Now, he and the rest of the Ubuntu MythTV team provide updates and support for the rest of the community for MythTV and other directly related packages.

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