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Vik Olliver

Vik Olliver is a longhair software writer and replicator developer from New Zealand's Waitakere rainforest. Born in the UK, he emigrated to NZ in 1994 with his wife Suz and daughters Kate & Tamara. He has worked on projects ranging from implantable heart monitors to launching satellites, and from urban self-sufficiency to hydroponics in moonrock. He has also done enough journalism to get the shakes if he doesn't write articles occasionally, but could give it up any time he likes. He has done so many times.

Vik is a staunch supporter of Open Source, Open Standards and an Open society. He has persuaded companies and retailers to pick up the Open Source banner, and represented New Zealand as a regional delegate at LinuxConf Australia.

Since 2003 Vik has been deeply embroiled in the development of a practical replicating fabricator as part of the Bath University's Open Source RepRap Project. This follows on from some of his earlier work on fabrication using lunar resources with the Moon Society, and combines most of the skills he has picked up so far to form an enjoyable and useful hobby. He hopes the RepRap will do for hardware what Linux and GNU have done for software and wants to find a 10th generation RepRap in every home.

When not involved in the above, or working on his day job where he develops mobile phone portals for telcos, Vik is probably on a callout with the Laingholm Volunteer Fire Brigade as part of their medical First Response unit.

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