Bruce Watermann

Vice President, Print Operations, Blurb

Bruce Watermann

As VP Print Operations for Blurb, Bruce oversees the worldwide print partner network that supports Blurb's self-publishing platform.

Prior to joining Blurb, Bruce was consulting for several companies in the Print on Demand and Digital Photography segments. Bruce was also part of the management team that took the company that became Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation out of R&D into a real-world business. As Corbis’ Director of Global Imaging Operations from 1994-2000, Bruce was the principal decision-maker for standards at Corbis’ five image production facilities and was pivotal in the creation of the multi-million-image Corbis Collection.

Bruce brings a vast understanding that intersects photography, silver halide and traditional print in both the consumer and professional arenas. He is frequently called upon by vendors and end users alike to support best practices in the emerging digital image environment. His extensive working relationships include Hewlett-Packard (both commercial printing and consumer products), Xerox (iGen digital printing), Eastman Kodak (Leaf/Creo/Scitex pre-press and digital imaging products, consumer digital and analog products), Heidelberg (press and pre-press) and Microsoft (consumer imaging and software) in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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