Mike Morgan

Manager of Web Development, Mozilla Corporation

Mike Morgan is the manager of web development for the Mozilla Corporation. Mike joined the Mozilla community in 2003 and has worked on Mozilla's mirror management software, update system and addons.mozilla.org. Mike currently works on improvements to Mozilla's update system, build automation and an open source crash reporting tool for Mozilla products. He is also responsible for project management, recruiting and hiring for the web team.

Before his job at Mozilla, Mike worked at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab as an enterprise developer. There he contributed to the Kuali project while volunteering for Mozilla in his free time. Mike was also a lead web developer at Oregon State University for Central Web Services, where he focused on web standards, accessibility and project management.

Mike was raised in Mililani, Hawaii and works out of Corvallis, Oregon. Mike enjoys basketball, ping-pong, surfing and snowboarding.

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