Mike Shaver

Director of Ecosystem Development, Mozilla Corporation

Mike Shaver
Mike Shaver is a co-founder of the Mozilla project, and leads the Mozilla Corporation's work to support the developer ecosystem that has grown up around Firefox and Mozilla technologies. A veteran of open source development, Mike has worked on code at virtually every level of the open source application stack, ranging from the Linux kernel and Lustre clustered filesystem to Mozilla's Gecko layout engine and even, when he was younger and didn't know better, some CORBA infrastructure. Less well-known than Bono but with slightly more geek-cred than K-Fed, Mike is a sought-after speaker and advisor for technology/open source conferences and organizations. He lives in Toronto with his wife and cat, and an increasingly-dusty collection of cookbooks.

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O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2007

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O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2005

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