Ken VanDine

Director of Management Engineering, rPath, Inc.

Ken VanDine

Ken VanDine is an Engineering Lead at rPath, Inc. as well as the founder and project leader of the Foresight Linux Project, created in 2005. Ken's work with the Foresight Linux Project and Conary package manager eventually led Ken to being hired at rPath, based in Raleigh, N.C.

Ken has been involved with Open Source technology as an avid Linux user and Systems Administrator since 1993. He has had the opportunity to work with Linux while enlisted in the United States Air Force and while employed by software companies and a few dotcoms. During those years he has gained extensive experience packaging, maintaining, and deploying software for Linux. Having worked with a number of package management systems, Ken started using Conary, which solved a number of challenges previously experienced with other package management technologies.

As a member of the GNOME Marketing team, Ken has written articles for the GNOME Journal ( and is now the maintainer of the GNOME LiveCD, based on Foresight Linux and available at

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