Michael (Monty) Widenius

CTO & Co-founder, MySQL AB

Monty Widenius
Michael "Monty" Widenius is the lead developer for the popular MySQL RDBMS project and is CTO of MySQL AB, a company that he co-founded to provide licensing, support, and other services for the MySQL RDBMS.

In a past life, Widenius worked on interesting projects like games coded in assembler, software for a single-card computer used by power companies, a multitasking OS for an 8-bit Z80-based computer, and a lot of data warehousing. He has worked in assembler, BASIC, C, C++, Commmon Lisp, shell and Perl, and some other less common languages.

Widenius lives in Helsinki, Finland, and in his spare time acts as shepherd for a large flock of humming boxes and flickering lights.

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