O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference - June 29-30, 2005 - San Francisco, CA
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When Location Matters: The Past and Future of Mapping
David Rumsey

Date: Wednesday, June 29
Time: 8:45am - 9:15am
Location: Grand Ballroom


The technology of mapping has changed radically with the advent of computers and the Web. Maps are no longer static items, limited to print-on-paper. Now they are dynamic displays of geospatial and temporal information, assemblies of complex layers of data and image, created by technology-enabled systems. Most significantly, the new maps are embedded into all aspects of our work and play: they are incorporated into office systems and consumer products, working behind the scenes.

Novel as these uses may seem, traditional map-making offers us crucial insights into the ways the new maps will affect our lives. When Lewis and Clark explored the American Northwest 200 years ago, their paper map of the journey was a "location-based technology" that in one glance revealed as much or more than hundreds of pages of their written journal. Their map changed forever that part of the world--politically, culturally, and economically. The same kind of impact will occur from location-based technologies: by displaying data spatially, people will become their own explorers and mappers.

Drawing on his personal collection of over 150,000 historical maps as well as his work with geographic information systems, David Rumsey shows how information of all kinds has been mapped and will be mapped in the future.

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