A look at a geospatial mobile platform for communities generated information

Date: Tuesday, June 13
Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Redwood Room

Moderated by Kevin Leong, Mo'Blast Technologies, Inc.

The Mo’Blast project aims to reveal the potential of mapping and sharing location-based community blogs and events to foster the development of new social practices based around place, people and community. The project founders hope to create more vibrant communities by encouraging local participation, broadening community awareness, and creating micro business models for citizen journalism.

Mo’Blast will soon release a free location-aware mobile blogging tool (a JotPad), location-based mobile tools to search for geo-tagged blogs and events, and a Web 2.0 Ajax-based website to share information over the web. Users can:

• blog on-the-spot with JotPad and tag it with geolocation information

• post blogs together with pictures to a shared web site to participate in the micro business models

• post events or import ICal events (geolocation tag them) to share

• search for blogs in proximity to their location on a mobile device with GSM/3G/WiFi internet connection

• see a listing of events currently happening at their location.

How do we organize our content to address the needs of locals and visitors to a community? How to build and nurture a community of people to blog for us? Join us for a discussion on our approaches and trends.