GIS on the Web: Going Beyond Geographic Exploration

Jack Dangermond, Founder & President, ESRI

Date: Wednesday, June 14
Time: 3:45pm - 4:00pm
Location: Imperial Ballroom

GIS on the Web is evolving beyond mapping to enable the publishing and sharing of powerful GIS services that solve complex business problems and answer tough questions. More than mapping on the Web, the GeoWeb is evolving to support true internet-based GIS services that can be consumed in a variety of different applications by a variety of different users and developers. GIS services are being used and combined in ways that go beyond geo-mashups, maps, and directions, and allow us to understand relationships across many kinds of data, and perform online analysis. With the advent of new enabling technologies, coupled with ready-to-use applications, geospatial analysis on the Web is being redefined. The GeoWeb is evolving into a multiuser, collaborative framework that exposes and leverages the Web itself as a powerful platform for geo-computing and enabling a broader audience to access its capabilities.