Geospatial Solutions for Humanitarians: Challenges, Current Projects and Next Steps

Date: Tuesday, June 13
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Plaza Room

The use of Google Earth during and after Hurricane Katrina and the Pakistan earthquake proved the value of the platform to help the public and professionals respond to humanitarian disasters. This session will explore how new geospatial technology and the growing community of practice can best support human rights and humanitarian causes in public awareness efforts, professional information-sharing and more.

We will discuss who is doing what right now, the technical challenges involved and how we can move forward together to support humanitarians.

Possible discussion topics include:
  • standards and technical challenges
  • satellite imagery delivery
  • mapping humanitarian issues, crises and conflicts
  • realtime "humanitarian sensor webs"

For more information, feel free to contact Michael Graham at grahamagp at gmail dot com