Eric Rodenbeck

Founder & Creative Director, Stamen Design

Eric Rodenbeck is the founder and creative director of Stamen Design, a boutique design and application development firm in San Francisco, California. Stamen's focus on the combination of interactive data visualization and innovative design has attracted a growing client list to the studio, including BMW, MoveOn.org, ProChoiceAmerica, DesignworksUSA, and the University of Southern California. The studio actively pursues investigative projects alongside client work, resulting in a rich and ambitious cross-fertilization of ideas and technologies. Mappr.com, which places Flickr photos on an interactive map of the United States, is an example of the studio's web-based data visualization work. Stamen recently released Cabspotting.org, a collaboration with the Exploratorium, which builds live interactive maps based on GPS positions of taxicabs in San Francisco.

Rodenbeck is a ten-year veteran of the interactive design field, and has spent much of this time working to extend the boundaries of online media and live information visualization. His past endeavors include interactive storytelling and data-driven narrative at Quokka Sports, illustration and book design at Wired magazine and Wired Books, and founding the design collective Umwow. He has a degree in the History and Philosophy of Technology from The New School for Social Research.

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