Felix Petersen

Felix Petersen

Co-Founder, Plazes

Felix Petersen, born and raised in Berlin, has been busy with remote data transmissions since the late eighties and has been building things on the Internet since 1997.

Petersen is co-founder and member of the board of plazes.com, a bottom-up approach to spatial interaction and location oriented service platform, sometimes also dubbed "Mobile Social Software." Plazes has been written and talked about up and down the blogosphere and its supporters and developer community include some of the brightest minds in cyberspace. Plazes was featured several times in publications like Wired, Red Herring, and others as well as Editor's pick for "Best of new Web" over at Businessweek.

Previously, Petersen has been busy founding Kinderfield, a radical new collective somewhere between insanity, art, and media darling working for clients like Sony and MTV. Later he joined the ranks of R.Ø.S.A., a Swiss-based internet experience agency and Etoy spin-off, as managing director for the Berlin office. As head of Experience Design and creative director for big agencies he's helped BP, Siemens, Coca-Cola, Daimler-Chrysler, and the like to spend their budgets on all things internet. He does not like to talk about it.

He currently lives with his lovely wife in Berlin and enjoys things like food, cooking, media hacking, and robotics. Petersen is captain of the Berlin Metroblogging team and very embarrassed by his light posting there as well as on his personal blog, actioncontents.com. If for some reason you feel like finding out more, go to: beta.plazes.com/whereis/felixpetersen.

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