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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
—Arthur C. Clarke,"Profiles of The Future"

ETech 2007 is a wrap!
Save the date for ETech 2008: March 3-6 in San Diego.

In 2007, we expect internet access to be instant, music collections to fit into our pockets, and communication as a constant. Technology is so tightly woven into our lives that at times we scarcely notice it. And yet, there are innovators, hackers, and thinkers plotting revolutions—often by simply reexamining underlying assumptions we already take for granted. From the infrastructure supporting mass-market players, the promise of mass computing, and alternative energy sources to personalized medicine, movie magic, web heresies, and talking paper, ETech 2007 explores the technological rejiggering and changes in perspective that are poised to blast off into the realm of magic. Join us March 26-29, 2007 in San Diego, CA—be a part of the ideas, tools, and discussions happening today that will give rise to the magic of tomorrow.

This year's ETech will also feature the second edition of the O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing on Monday, March 26. Tune in to an audio preview of the Executive Briefing with Tim O'Reilly and Brady Forrest.

Conference Speakers

Marc Hedlund
Marc Hedlund

Marc Hedlund is Chief Product Officer at Wesabe, a personal finance startup. (He blogs at "Wheaties for Your Wallet": Before starting Wesabe, Marc was an entrepreneur-in-residence at O'Reilly Media. Prior to that, he ...more

Avi Bryant

Dabble DB
Avi Bryant is the co-CEO of Dabble DB, a Vancouver startup focused on web-based data management and collaboration tools. He is the author and maintainer of the Seaside web application framework, and is ...more

Matt Webb

Schulze & Webb
Matt Webb is a principal of the creative design consultancy Schulze and Webb where his work has included material prototyping for Nokia, Web strategy for the BBC, and exploration into the future uses of ...more

Lee Felsenstein

Fonly LLC
Lee has been designing electronic products for over 35 years and has created several pioneering designs in the personal computer industry. He has won awards from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tech Museum ...more

Kathy Sierra

Kathy Sierra is the author of Creating Passionate Users, and has been interested in the brain and artificial intelligence since her days as a game developer (Virgin, Amblin', MGM). She is the co-creator of ...more

Tara Hunt

Citizen Agency
Celebrated as the 'Marketer 2.0 ', Tara has been infusing the marketing world with her roguish style - working in a plethora of industries, from non-profit to consumer beverages to technology - for the ...more

Arthur Benjamin

Arthur Benjamin is one of the world's fastest "lightning calculators." He is a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, and a professional magician, frequently performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In 2005, Reader's ...more

Scott Berkun

Berkun Consulting
Scott Berkun is an author and consultant. He wrote the bestselling The Art of Project Management for O'Reilly, teaches creative thinking at the University of Washington, and writes on management and design at ...more

Marc HedlundAvi BryantMatt WebbLee FelsensteinKathy Sierra
Tara HuntArthur BenjaminScott Berkun Also Speaking:

ETech 2007 Topics

This year's Emerging Technology Conference is about magic and the sufficiently advanced technology behind it. Some magical effects are made by big technology, others by judicious selection and integration of existing subtle technologies:

  • Logistics masters such as FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Netflix, and Wal-Mart move millions of products every day. What's behind the orchestration jujitsu that makes it possible?
  • When will you be able to watch a DVD containing the month's top movie rentals—or at least the first 15 minutes of each while the rest trickles in through the network?
  • "Bionic systems" combine biological behaviors with mechanical systems to create an amalgam that is more powerful than either could be alone (think Amazon's Mechanical Turk). Where is this people-inside intelligence appearing in projects, products, and services?
  • Programmers dream of the data-store in the sky: an enormous, secure, easily-mashable information pool that raises software above the level of a single device and data above the level of a single application and use. Google and Amazon are getting there with their terabytes of data. What does this mean for the way we interact with our data? What impact does this data-ubiquity have program design?
  • With an energy crisis looming, where will our power come from in the not-too-distant future? From the Toyota Prius to hydrogen fuel cells to human-powered generators in ones shoes, what's next on the energy horizon?