EuroOSCON 2006 All Sessions

Below is an overview of the program. All keynotes will take place on in the Theatre Plaza.

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Monday 18 September 2006
  Theatre Plaza Salon Versailles Upper Foyer Salon Memling
08:30 Jabber Boot Camp: Peter Saint-Andre, Ralph Meijer Start-ups 2.0: Marc Hedlund Data Warehousing with MySQL: John Paul Ashenfelter Ruby on Rails: Marcel Molina
12:00 Lunch
13:30 The 7 Principles of Better API Design: Damian Conway Building Better Ajax Applications: Alex Russell Workshop on Open Source Licensing for Businesses: Martin von Haller Groenbaek Building Passionate Users: Kathy Sierra
Tuesday 19 September 2006
  Theatre Plaza Salon Versailles Upper Foyer Salon Memling Salon Elisabeth
09:00 Scene Setting and Introduction: Nathan Torkington, Allison Randal, Nikolaj Nyholm
Open Source 2.0: Tim O'Reilly
Attention, Please! Who Are We?: Tor Nørretranders
Q&A: Tim O'Reilly, Tor Nørretranders
10:00 High Performance Full Text Search for Database Content: Peter Zaitsev Microformats: Web of Data: Brian Suda Open Source @ openBC: How, Why, and Where To?: Bill Liao Building Web Sites with Drupal: Dries Buytaert Industrial-Strength Email and Calendaring with the Freedom and Flexibility of Open Source: Florian von Kurnatowski
10:40 Break
11:10 Project Hosting on Google Code: Greg Stein The Campware Initiative: Free Software for Free Media in the Developing World: Douglas Arellanes Channeling Open Source in Europe: Ranga Rangachari Guerilla Evangelism: Opening Closed Environments: Zak Greant Introducing BlackBadger: The Distributed ANT Runtime: Alan Williamson
11:50 Interim Break
11:55 Cool Tools for Geographic Applications: Schuyler Erle Big Data and the Open Warehouse: Roger Magoulas Design Patterns for Positive Externalities: Marc Goldberg, Didier Beck Gender in Open Source: Bernard Krieger
12:35 Lunch
14:00 Open Data AWOL: Steve Coast
Journalism via Computer Programming: Adrian Holovaty
Q & A: Steve Coast, Adrian Holovaty
14:45 Interim Break
14:50 The Google Data API: Frank Mantek Open Source and Second Life: Jim Purbrick AllPeers: From Open Source to Open Media: Matthew Gertner Being a MySQL Developer: Lars Thalmann Google and Open Source
15:30 Break
16:15 Rolling Your Own Google Maps: Scott Davis Open Usability: Jan Muehlig An Economic Interpretation of the Evolution of the Free/Open Source Software: Lorenzo Benussi Apache Harmony : Open Source Java SE: Geir Magnusson Open Source Software Assurance (OSSA): Consolidated Access to Open Source Solutions and Experts: Sébastien Bahloul
16:55 Break
17:00 Building Internet Applications with Mozilla XULRunner: Benjamin Smedberg Timeshift Everything, Miss Nothing, Mashup Your PVR with Kamaelia: Michael Sparks Open Source for Fostering Local Development: Alexios Zavras Making It Work: How to Build a Successful Open Source Project: Louis Suarez-Potts Content in the Web 2.0 World: Mike Hendrickson
17:40 Exhibit Hall & Exhibit Hall Reception
Wednesday 20 September 2006
  Theatre Plaza Salon Versailles Upper Foyer Salon Memling Salon Elisabeth
09:00 Welcome Tom Steinberg
Make and the Re-emergence of DIY Tech: Dale Dougherty
Q&A: Dale Dougherty
09:55 Break
10:00 Jabber: The State of the Bulb: Peter Saint-Andre KLone: An SDK for Embedded Web Applications: Steven Dorigotti Democracy: A Hacker's Guide: Tom Steinberg Monitoring Large Scale Web Applications with Nagios: Pankaj Kaushal JavaScript: It’s Happening All Over Again!: James A. Duncan, Mark Fowler
10:30 DotOrg Pavillion
11:10 Jabber Is Way More Than Instant Messaging: Florian Holzhauer Managing Your Mobile Devices: Harrie Hazewinkel How OSS Changed a Government Department: Walter Harms Cutting-edge Productivity with RIFE: Geert Bevin How Pentaho is Driving the Future of Open Source Business Intelligence: Patrick Beaucamp
11:50 Interim Break
11:55 Ajax/JavaScript on Mobile Devices: A Pipe Dream?: Alex Russell Mobile Web Server: Johan Wikman   The Apache DBD Framework: Nick Kew The Secret Sauce of Robust Developer Communities: Denise Kalos, Andrew Kelly
12:35 Lunch
14:00 The Creation Engine: Collaboration, Community and a Creative Commons in Second Life: Jim Purbrick
From Europe to USA: Culture's Consequences on Open Source Communities and Businesses: Mårten Mickos
Q&A: Mårten Mickos, Jim Purbrick
14:45 Interim Break
14:50 Lessons and Tips from the Ajax Frontline: Scott Dietzen Building the Next Generation Collaborative Mobile Groupware: Mirko Ross, Carsten Brunke   Developing Berkeley DB Java Edition: Internals and War Stories: Charles Lamb Deploying Web Services-based SOA with Open Source Software: Conrad O'Dea
15:30 Break
16:15 The Yahoo! UI Library: Simon Willison Blue-print for a Commons Enterprise: Andrew Rens Open Source and Freedom: Why Open Standards Are Crucial to Protecting Your Linux Investment: Jim Zemlin Jifty: A Next-Generation Application Framework: Jesse Vincent Geospatial Hotspots: Schuyler Erle, Arnulf Benno Christl
16:55 Break
17:00 Do-It-Yourself Performance Benchmarks on Rails: Dennis Linnell Freedom to Call, Freedom to Code: David Bitton, Adrien Cahen The Promise of OpenDocument: Sam Hiser Scaling Up Open Collaboration: Hassan Masum, Mark Tovey What You Need to Know About Oracle’s Commitment to Open Source: Omar Tazi
17:40 Break
19:30 MAKE Fest
Fotango Bar Night
Thursday 21 September 2006
  Theatre Plaza Salon Versailles Upper Foyer Salon Memling Salon Elisabeth
09:00 Welcome
Architecting Babel: Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz
New Innovation Models, Policy-making and Lobbying: Florian Mueller
Q&A: Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz, Florian Mueller
09:55 Break
10:00 Xgl and Compiz - New X11 Features and the OpenGL Accelerated Desktop: Matthias Hopf   My Life Has Value! Making Sense of Public and Private Data on the Internet: Chris Heathcote Fast and Rich Web Applications with PHP 5: Rasmus Lerdorf
10:40 Break
11:10 The Conway Channel 2006: Damian Conway Making the Web of Things: Simon Wardley Pigs and Butter: What the Co-op Movement Can Teach Open Source: Claus Dahl PHP Security Audit HOWTO: Chris Shiflett Mixed-source Software Management: Arnoud Engelfriet
11:50 Interim Break
11:55 EU Software Patents Reloaded: Florian Mueller Music 2.0: The Coming Revolution: Colin Brumelle Django: Adrian Holovaty Douglas Engelbart's HyperScope: Taking Web Collaboration to the Next Level Using Ajax and Dojo: Brad Neuberg Gnash: An Open Source Flash Player: Rob Savoye
12:35 Lunch
14:00 Ubuntu: Improving Collaboration in the Free Software World: Mark Shuttleworth