O'Reilly European Open Source Convention - October 17-20, 2005 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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EuroOSCON 2006 takes place in Brussels, Belgium on 18-21 September. The Call for Participation opens in February 2006; registration opens in May 2006. To receive EuroOSCON news and announcements, sign up for the EuroOSCON newsletter.

The 2005 O'Reilly European Open Source Convention in Amsterdam brought together diverse projects and communities from across the continent and around the world to address the changes and challenges unique to the European computing community. Over four days, Convention participants explored the remarkable range of open source technology and business innovations, from AJAX, Ruby on Rails, and Plone to open source stacks and IT best practices for open source adoption, integration, and deployment. Visit the Coverage Page for news, blogs, and photos of the event.

EuroOSCON targets the specific needs of European developers, programmers, strategists, entrepreneurs, and technologists, helping them to deliver the benefits of open source technology to their companies and organizations. Tutorials, sessions, panel discussions, and on-stage conversations focus on all aspects of building applications, services, and systems with an emphasis on practical skills.

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EuroOSCON 2005 Featured Speakers Included:

EuroOSCON is the crossroads of all things open source, so it's the one place where you can:

  • See what's on the horizon for open source locally and globally
  • Make new professional and personal connections
  • Discover solutions to your open source challenges
  • Meet the movers and shakers in the OS community
  • Hear success stories and cautionary tales from companies and organizations of every size
  • Discover new products, technologies, skills, and experts--all under one roof
  • Network within and across the whole spectrum of open source communities

Conference News

EuroOSCON has come and gone in Amsterdam. It was a great experience and attendee comments ranged from "wonderful" to "I'll be back again next year!" We learned a lot, too, and visions for next year are already dancing in our heads. OSCON will definitely be back in Europe next fall, as well as in Portland in July. Check out the Convention Coverage Page for all the latest session files pictures and news.

Special Offer From MAKE -- Free copy of the digital edition of MAKE: Vol 03 now through 25 October.

OSCON 2005 -- Check out the Open Source Convention 2005 in Portland, Oregon.

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Articles & Weblogs

Installing Mercurial from Source - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide -- Installing Mercurial from Source - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide
Jul. 6, 2009

Open Publication License - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide -- Open Publication License - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide
Jul. 6, 2009

Mercurial Queues Reference - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide -- Mercurial Queues Reference - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide
posted by Bryan O'Sullivan, Jul. 6, 2009

Migrating to Mercurial - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide -- Migrating to Mercurial - Open Source Mercurial: The Definitive Guide
posted by Bryan O'Sullivan, Jul. 6, 2009

Using Erlang - Open Source Erlang Programming -- Using Erlang - Open Source Erlang Programming
posted by Francesco Cesarini, Simon Thompson, Jul. 6, 2009

A Web 2.0 Checklist -- Kurt Cagle enumerates a checklist of the common properties of Web 2.0 companies, projects, and technologies.
posted by Kurt Cagle, Feb. 22, 2006

GPL gets another brickbat--but where does the Sarbanes-Oxley problem really lie? -- Free software add its own complications to licensing laws, but code reviews and dual-licensing provide recourses.
posted by Andy Oram, Feb. 22, 2006

The Difference Between MySQL and Google -- The ever-insightful Bernard Golden's February 2006 Open Source Newsletter compares and contrasts Internet advertising giant Google (whose product sells for pennies per unit) with the growing but unassuming MySQL UC (with a free product, of course, but also licensing fees more than a few pennies per unit). Yet for all Google's giant presence, it needs MySQL or something like MySQL to succeed. What does that mean for your organization? Bernard has a few ideas....
posted by chromatic, Feb. 16, 2006

Vanilla, We Love You More -- We wanted forums for Makezine.com. We could have bludgeoned ourselves over all the features we thought we wanted. Instead, we decided on a pretty basic install of Vanilla and couldn't be happier.
posted by Terrie Miller, Feb. 16, 2006

Time for Java developers to put up or shut up -- Tonight at midnight pacific time the OSCON Call for Participation closes. Is there an open source Java project you are passionate about? Write it up in a proposal and click the submit button.
posted by Daniel H. Steinberg, Feb. 13, 2006

Speaking at RSA 2006 -- I'll be speaking at the RSA conference next week. Here is what I plan to discuss...
posted by Nitesh Dhanjani, Feb. 12, 2006

Oracle: Seeing a Blue Light Special on Open Source? -- Oracle looking to acquire JBoss, Zend, and Sleepycat.
posted by Jonah Harris, Feb. 10, 2006

Open Source & The Fallacy Of Composition -- Recently I posted about the Fallacy Of Composition (which says that an advantage shared by everyone is not an advantage) and how it applies to digital music: If everyone can make and distribute music cheaply, the price they can charge goes down and they all make less money. It should apply to open source as well. Is there an escape route?
posted by Spencer Critchley, Feb. 8, 2006

What should be in the next version of NoUnit (a Junit Extension)? -- NoUnit is an open-source code coverage tool that shows you the effectiveness of your JUnit tests. After a suitable pause , we're thinking of starting work on the next version. What do you think should be included?
posted by Paul Browne, Feb. 8, 2006

(Open) Office Party -- Kurt Cagle looks at recent developments in the Open Office suite.
posted by Kurt Cagle, Feb. 3, 2006

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