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BBC News: Open Source Turns Money-Spinner  Open source code, written by a community of thousands of software developers, has always been made freely available. But there are ways of making money from it, as David Reid finds out in Amsterdam.  [BBC News]

Ping Wales: Lisbon Agenda Could 'Make' European Open Source   One of the most provocative questions currently facing the open source industry is this: why, when 70 percent of the world's open source developers are based in Europe, does such a significant chunk of European-generated open source revenue end up in the pockets of American shareholders? Basheera Khan covers a talk given at EuroOSCON by Paul Everitt, president of Zope UK, in which Everitt sketched out ways in which the EU and the open source industry could better collaborate.   [Ping Wales]

Slashdot: BBC Examines Open Source Business Model  The BBC's David Reid attended EuroOSCON in Amsterdam and reports what he learned about the open source model. He sums up the rise of non-free software in the 1980s and how people and companies like IBM can make money with free software.   [Slashdot]

AlfrescoSoftware.com: Open Source Leader Alfresco and Siennax Announce Partnership at EuroOSCON   Alfresco, Inc., the first provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, announced at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON conference that it is partnering with Siennax to offer a trusted, hosted service for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Traditional ECM systems were built on technology from the 1990�s. Alfresco is built on modern service-oriented technologies such as Spring, JavaServer Faces, and Web Services that enable the cost, complexity, and implementation to be dramatically reduced.   [Alfresco]

PC Advisor: Open Source Software Gaining in Europe  Open source software is gaining ground in Europe and the developing world, with users attracted by lower costs and accessibility, according to a recent study. About 70 percent of FLOSS (free/libre/open source software) users wanted to increase its use, said Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, program leader for the study of free and open source software at the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology. Ghosh gave a presentation on the study at O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention in Amsterdam.   [PC Advisor]

O'Reilly Network: Cory Doctorow on Europe's Coming Broadcast Flag  In Cory Doctorow's closing keynote at O'Reilly's first-ever European Open Source Convention, he said, "Right now we find ourselves in the midst of a global attack on free software. A global attack that is supposed to uphold copyright, but that has no nexus with what copyright actually does." At the heart of this attack, asserts Cory, is the DRM and certain American entertainment companies' push for a Broadcast Flag in Europe.   [O'Reilly Network]

O'Reilly Network: Microsoft Shares the Love at EuroOSCON  Jason Matusow, Director of the Shared Source Initiative for Microsoft, revealed his company's plan to use three new templates for licenses for Shared Source code at this week's EuroOSCON. Daniel Steinberg reports on Jason's talk, including his insights on the Shared Source community, and licensing in general.   [O'Reilly Network]

O'Reilly Network: EuroOSCON - Remembering the End User  Daniel Steinberg reports on some of the sessions and keynotes that spanned the first two days of O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention, in Amsterdam. In one way or another, these sessions--by Jeff Waugh, Alan Cox, and Simon Phipps--focused on the user.   [O'Reilly Network]

InfoWorld: Sun Official Says Open Source Needs Governance   Simon Phipps, chief open source officer for Sun Microsystems gave a keynote address Tuesday at the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention in Amsterdam, in which he said standards must be promoted. "You are only free if the place where you get your supply is standardized," Phipps said. "Standards lead to substitutability."   [InfoWorld]

InfoWorld: Sun Official Says Open Source Needs Governance (German translation)  Die deutsche Fassung des Artikels können Sie hier lesen.  [InfoWorld]

eWeek: Microsoft Slashes Shared Source Licenses  Microsoft is slashing the number of licenses it will use for its Shared Source Initiative from now on, while at the same time radically shortening and simplifying the text of those licenses. The move, announced on Wednesday morning at the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention in Amsterdam, will see Microsoft cutting back the more than 10 Shared Source licenses that currently exist to only three template, or core, licenses.   [eWeek]

O'Reilly Radar: New Source Licenses from Microsoft  Time O'Reilly writes, "While many people see Microsoft as the 'enemy' of open source, Microsoft has in fact been busy learning from open source, and has released source code for more than 80 Microsoft projects under a 'shared source' license. In addition, there are about 600 programs (notably dotNetNuke) released by independent developers under Microsoft shared source licenses. [At] EuroOSCON Jason Matusow of Microsoft announced a plan to simplify their plethora of shared source licenses."  [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON - Open Source Storytelling  I opened the first OSCON in Europe today and in my introductory remarks I talked about the Iliad, what we do at O'Reilly, open source, the "battle" with Microsoft, moving OSCON to Europe, and what it is to be human. In less than 15 minutes.   [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON - Head Space  The EuroOSCON conference team is deploying around the Hotel Krasnapolsky (or "the Kras" as we've come to call it) and I'm thinking hard about what I expect to see, what I want to learn, and what I don't know about our first conference in Europe.  [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON Maker Faire Update  Here's the latest list of people and their projects that'll be on display at the EuroOSCON's Maker Faire...  [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON Interviews  Edd Dumbill has been a busy lad. He's interviewed a lot of people, many of whom will be at EuroOSCON: clkao (lead developer of svk, a distributed version control system that integrates with Subversion), Alan Cox (Linux kernel hacker), Axel Hecht (a director of Mozilla Europe), and david Heinemeier Hansson (of Ruby on Rails fame). Great job, Edd!  [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON Maker Faire  The good folks at MAKE are having a Maker Faire at EuroOSCON. It's on the night of Wednesday, 19 October, and is open to all comers (i.e., you don't have to be registered for EuroOSCON to attend). The makers are listed on the EuroOSCON events page and include Phil Torrone, Ewan Spence, Melissa Coleman, and Nadya Peek with projects as diverse as a teachable Beatbox, digital crafting in the virtual world, and (of course) electronic gadget hacking.  [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Network: Painless Merging with SVK - An Interview with Chia-liang Kao  What's so special about SVK, the Subversion-based, distributed version control system? At O'Reilly's EuroOSCON (October 17-20) SVK's creator, Chia-liang Kao, will explain how SVK has removed the headaches from source control. Edd Dumbill talks with Kao about SVK's painless merging, its major innovations, and more.  [O'Reilly Network]

O'Reilly Network: The Next 50 Years of Computer Security - An Interview with Alan Cox  Alan Cox is well known for his long-standing work on the Linux kernel, but at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON (October 17-20), he will speak about computer security. According to Alan, we're just at the beginning of a long journey into getting security right. Eager for directions and a glimpse of the future, O'Reilly Network interviewed him about his upcoming keynote.   [O'Reilly Network]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON & PSP Hacking  The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) broke sales records when it went on sale in Europe on September 1st. I've added a session to EuroOSCON on Lua Player, an open source port of the Lua programming language to the PSP with bindings for the PSP's video, audio, and input libraries.   [O'Reilly Radar]

Perl.com: Perl Internationalization and Haskell - An Interview with Autrijus Tang  Self-proclaimed "Net activist, artist, and anarchist" Autrijus Tang will be a featured speaker at EuroOSCON. He discusses one of his conference topics--Haskell--extensively in this interview on Perl.com. Autrijus also covers Gettext bindings, Perl internationalization tools, CPAN, and more in this wide-ranging conversation.   [Perl.com]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON & European Innovation  In line with several of the comments on my note about the lack of European startups comes this Computer Business Review piece on a report from Indepen Consultants in the UK about Europe's information and communications technology policies. The redux is that "change will involve the entry and exit of firms, the hiring and firing of labour, and the need for more general-purpose skills". I can't wait to hear what Danny Rimer has to say about this. He's a European VC, a partner in Index Ventures whose investments include Skype, MySQL, and Zend, and he'll be keynoting EuroOSCON.  [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Network: Mozilla as a Development Platform - An Interview with Axel Hecht  Axel Hecht is a member of Mozilla Europe's board of directors, and a major contributor to the Mozilla project. At O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention, Dr. Hecht will be talking about Mozilla as a development platform. O'Reilly Network interviewed Dr. Hecht to find out if the long-held dream of Mozilla as a development platform was about to come true.   [O'Reilly Network]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON - m0n0wall  Part of the fun of running a conference is stacking the program with things that you want the rest of the world to know about. I just added a session on m0n0wall to EuroOSCON. If you haven't seen m0n0wall yet, you should check it out.   [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON - Rasmus Lerdorf on PHP Security  I'm so chuffed. Rasmus is not just the creator of PHP, he's a really interesting guy who hacks for fun as well as for work. He's the chief PHP architect for Yahoo! and gets to set policy across all Yahoo! properties, domestic and international. He spent the first part of his time at Yahoo! establishing consistent approaches to code structure, scaling, internationalization, and so on. When I talked to him after WWDC, he mentioned that he'd been spending recent time looking at security.   [O'Reilly Radar]

O'Reilly Network: Ruby on Rails - An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson  Few can have missed the rise of the programming world's latest star platform--Ruby on Rails. Rails' creator, David Heinemeier Hansson, already wowed the crowds at this year's OSCON, and is set to keynote the European O'Reilly Open Source Convention. O'Reilly Network talked with him about Rails' success and future.  [O'Reilly Network]

O'Reilly Radar: EuroOSCON 2005 - Ben Goodger to Speak on Firefox  I just confirmed Ben Goodger (lead developer of Mozilla Firefox) to speak at EuroOSCON. He's giving a session titled "Firefox: Mainstreaming Open Source where he'll talk about the lessons learned in the Firefox project and propose a framework that other open source projects can use to maximize their success with users and the consumer market.  [O'Reilly Radar]

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