O'Reilly European Open Source Convention

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Monday, October 17, 2005
 Grand Ballroom St. John's Room I & II Foyer Room Amsterdam Room
8:30AM Ruby on Rails : Laine The Basics of Perl DBI Database Programming : Zucker Open Source Web Application Security Kung-Fu & Art of Defense : Shah Presentation Aikido : Conway
12:00PM Lunch
1:30PM Model-Driven AJAX : Everitt Scalable Internet Architectures : Schlossnagle Subversion Tutorial : Fitzpatrick Perl Best Practices : Conway
5:00PM Break
7:30PM Evening Extravaganza :
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
 Grand Ballroom St. John's Room I St. John's Room II Foyer Room Amsterdam Room
8:45AM Welcome! : Torkington
The O'Reilly Radar : O'Reilly
The Zen of Free : Phipps
Answering Asa's Search for the Linux Desktop : Waugh
Innovation and the Open Community : Kapoor
Computer Security - The Next Fifty Years : Cox
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Building an Extremely Mobile Thin Client Laptop : Descamps Drupal API -- An Advanced Web Application Framework : Négyesi   Derby - a complete database in Java : Johnsen Lexical Attributes : Abigail
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM What's New in OpenOffice.org 2.0 and StarOffice 8? : Tesch Opening the Networking Platform: Hacking Hardware and Adding Services : Nyholm   Taming Deployment with SmartFrog : Loughran, Guijarro Perl Lightning Talks : Castro
12:20PM Lunch
1:30PM Caching Without Compromising Freshness: A Managed Cache for Apache Web Serving : Heritage The Do-It-Yourself Mindset : Torrone   Integrate: Tying Open Source Java Gems Together to Make lucenebook.com : Hatcher Introduction to Pugs : Tang
2:15PM Interim Break
2:20PM Apache at The Register: Building a Large Website from mod_rewrite and mod_include : Crane PHP 5: The Year After : Bergmann   Quickly Building Modular and Maintainable Applications with RIFE : Bevin What CPANPLUS Can Do for You : Boumans
3:05PM Break
4:00PM Mozilla as a Development Platform : Hecht Tech Trends: Hard Numbers Behind the O'Reilly Radar : O'Reilly LINAGORA: Find Out About the Biggest French, and Possibly European, Open Source Support Project : Zapolsky, Maudet Drools: An Open Source Java Rules Engine : Sam-Bodden Perl 6 Update : Conway
4:45PM Interim Break
4:50PM LDAP Applied : Fabrizio FLOSS use in European government: Survey Results : Ghosh Enterprise E-mail is Broken : Robb Harmony/ Geronimo : Magnusson FIFFS - FIFFS Intelligent Feed Filter System : Thiesen
5:35PM Break
6:00PM Exhibit Hall Reception
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
 Grand Ballroom St. John's Room I St. John's Room II Foyer Room Seasons Room
8:45AM Attenuation is the new Aggregation : Dornfest
Total Quality Source : Tiemann
Sharing the Love : Matusow
Lisbon Agenda and Open Source : Everitt
Three Degrees of Separation: OS Technology Partnerships : den Hartog
Science Commons : Le Dieu
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Scaling, Securing and Deploying PHP : Lerdorf Debugging Perl : Brocard lxml, a Pythonic Binding for libxml2 : Faassen Easy Game Console Hacking: An introduction to Lua Player on the PSP : Bengtsson, Buss Evolution of Content Management Towards Open Source : Newton
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Firefox: Mainstreaming Open Source : Goodger Adoption of Open Source in SMEs: Lessons from the Front Line : King-Turner PostgreSQL in the Enterprise : Riggs, Hagander Inside Eclipse : Baeumer Participatory Testing : Williamson
12:20PM Lunch
1:30PM svk: Version Control without the Headaches : Kao Scratching the Five Year Itch : Langham Best Practices for Plone Development : Burton MySQL : Axmark IronPython: Python on the .NET Framework : Maly
2:15PM Interim Break
2:20PM Buildings Apps with Subversion : Stein Free and Open Source in the Developing World : Cooper Kamaelia: Using Communicating Python Generators to Build Concurrent and Network Systems Easily : Sparks PostgreSQL Replication Solutions : Momjian Open Source Application Development with Ingres : Callahan
3:05PM Break
4:00PM FreeBSD Release Engineering : Stokely The Open Source Industry: Business Models for the Future : Levin Descriptors, Decorators, Metaclasses: Python's "Black Magic"? : Martelli Migrating to Open Source Databases : Horstmann Apache Geronimo: Using Community-Driven Open Source Technology to Build Java Applications : Sundstrom, Stoddard
4:45PM Interim Break
4:50PM Shielding and Exposing Innovation : Lefkowitz Europe: Act Two : Rosenberg Use and Implementation of Open Source Hardware and FPGA Technology : Kuipers m0n0wall: an Open Source Firewall Project : van Drunen Open Source Development with Oracle : Tazi
5:35PM Break
7:30PM Maker Faire
Thursday, October 20, 2005
 Grand Ballroom St. John's Room II Foyer Room Amsterdam Room Seasons Room
8:45AM Future-Proofing Your Privacy : Hedlund
Secrets of Ruby on Rails : Heinemeier Hansson
Taking Community Interaction to the Next Level : Arnö
eLearning Strategies based on F/LOSS- Extremadura Region : Casas Luengo
openTalk 2.0: Maximizing Non-stakeholder Buy-in by Leveraging Depatented Generic Information Transfer Protocols : Conway
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Developing with Mono : Dumbill Women in Open Source : Cooper, Randal, Walsh, Le Dieu, Bhorat Open Source Data Warehouses : Magoulas PGP Is Not Just for Email : Laurie, Willmer "Berkeley DB - The Original Open Source Success Story : Burd
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Tastes Like Freedom: GNOME and Ubuntu : Waugh pVoice: Open Source Assistive Technology : Visser Building Berkeley DB XML from Open Source Components : Burd Introduction to the Codehaus : McWhirter PowerDNS - the versatile dynamic database driven nameserver & ENUM : Hubert
12:20PM Lunch
1:30PM Everything You Know About crypto is Wrong : Viega DTrace: Opening the Kimono : Leventhal Learning Haskell : Tang Divide and conquer data models - How to open source everything : , Magdalinski MySQL Cluster Technical Overview : Axmark
2:15PM Interim Break
2:20PM Building web sites with the Template Toolkit : Vromans Recovering Data with GNU/Linux : Pauley Making Sense of Ajax : Almaer Business Readiness Rating for Open Source Software : Pal, Wasserman The interLDAP Project : Bahloul
3:05PM Break
3:30PM Europe's Coming Broadcast Flag : Doctorow