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Monday, August 1, 2005
 Portland 251 Portland 252 Portland 253 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135-136 E141 E142 E143 E144 E145-146
8:30AM XUL: The Future of User-interfaces on the Web : Neufeind Optimizing MySQL : Greant Presentation Aikido : Conway Enterprise Identity Management: Implementing Robust Authentication Services : Lahti Introduction to Ruby : Thomas Effective Python Programming : Baxter SOLD OUTLearning PHP 5 : Sklar SOLD OUTJDBC and Web Development with the Spring Framework : Risberg, Harrop SOLD OUT Business for Geeks : Hedlund, The Basics of Perl DBI Database Programming : Zucker Introduction to the Apache Web Server : Bowen
12:00PM Lunch on your own
1:30PM Scalable Internet Architectures : Schlossnagle PHP Security : Shiflett Building Open Source Data Warehouses with MySQL and Open Source Tools : Ashenfelter Practical mod_perl 2 : Bekman Ruby on Rails: Enjoying the Ride of Programming : Heinemeier Hansson Design Patterns, Idioms, and Other Python Wonders : Martelli, Martelli Ravenscroft Getting the Right Answers From Snort : Brinkley Test-Driven Apache Module Development : Young The Inner Workings of SQLite : Hipp SOLD OUT Law for Geeks : Rosen Getting Started with Eclipse : Dudney
Tuesday, August 2, 2005
 Portland 251 Portland 252 Portland 253 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135-136 D140 E141 E142 E143 E144 E145-146
8:30AM Perl Best Practices : Conway Subversion Tutorial : Fitzpatrick Web Services Development with the Apache Web Services Toolkit : Pentakalos CANCELLED Help! Everyone Hates Our IT Department! : Limoncelli SOLD OUT Learning Ajax : Russell Laying Hands on PHP Objects : Börger NetBeans IDE 4.1 Development : Boudreau Introduction to PostgreSQL : Mustain Embracing and Extending RT : Spier, Vincent IronPython 1.0: Python on the .NET Framework : Hugunin, Maly Using AppFuse for Test driven Web Development with Spring, Hibernate, and Struts : Raible
12:00PM Lunch on your own
1:30PM Perl Best Object Oriented Practices : Conway PHP/MySQL Best Practices : Thomson, Welling Plone Rapid Bootcamp : Burton Making Programs Faster : Dominus Creating Passionate Users : Sierra Introduction to XSLT : Lenz OpenSolaris Development with Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) : Cantrill Mono Boot Camp : Dumbill, Bornstein Understanding Asterisk : Capouch Slony-I Replication Tutorial : Browne, Simms Deep Dive With Apache Derby: Perl, PHP, and Python Programming : Scott Integrate: Building a Site from Open Source Gems : Hatcher
5:00PM Break
7:30PM Tuesday Evening Extravaganza
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
 Portland 251 Portland 252 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D139 D140 E141 E142 E143 E144 E145 E146 E148
8:30AM Welcome! : Torkington
Trends in the Open Source Marketplace : Torkington, O'Reilly
From DIY to DIT: Building on the Architecture of Participation : Polese
Open Source as Commoditization and Cost-optimization of Legacy Software : Morton
Open Source at Yahoo! : Zawodny
Interview with Jonathan Schwartz : Schwartz
10:00AM SpikeZoo TestFest (10am-6pm)
Mac OS X Exploration Lab (10am-6pm)
10:45AM A Few Cool Things About mod_perl 2.0 : Young Application Development With Firefox and Mozilla : Caraveo The Google Open Source Update : DiBona Perl 6 Update : Conway, Wall Cruise Your Way to Continous Integration Nirvana : Pugh MySQL Snapshots and Replication from Oracle : Schlossnagle FLOSS and Skills Development : Ghosh   Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5 : Coggeshall Creating a Desktop Java Application Leveraging Open Source : Delap Backwards Compatibility in Open Source Projects : Rooney Passel: Identity for the Rest of Us : Smith Open Source and Enterprise Software: Peaceful Coexistence or All Out War : Sebastian, Woods, Sutor Private Meeting VoIP is the New Black - Adventures with Open-Source SIP : Baxter
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Apocalypse Now! - Perl 6 Is Here Today : Ingerson Current State of the Linux Kernel : Kroah-Hartman   What's New in Perl 5 : Clark, Garcia-Suarez Open Source Java : Magnusson Terabytes of Business Intelligence: Design and Administration of Very Large Data Warehouses on PostgreSQL : Conway, Berkus SWIK: A Free Service for Open Source Developers : Bosworth Yahoo! Web Services and Yahoo! Widgets (aka Konfabulator) : McManus Accelerating PHP Applications : Alshanetsky Embedded Interface Testing with Python: PyUnit and PySerial : Cook WebWork vs. Spring MVC Smackdown : Raible, Porter Using Apache Derby : Judd Leveraging Open Source for SOX Compliance : Lahti, Peterson   The Applicance Architecture: Commodity Hardware + Open Source Software==highly Robust System : Porter
12:20PM Lunch
1:45PM New Features in Apache HTTP Server 2.2 : Erenkrantz Smoking Out Corporate Malfeasance with Open Source Software : Mason Switching from CVS to Subversion: Case Studies in Migrating Your Team to a New Tool : Fitzpatrick The Conway Channel 2005 : Conway The Evolution of Web Application Architectures : McClanahan States of the Databases : Axmark, Harrison, Momjian, McGrattan Extending Nagios for Enterprise IT Monitoring : Stocking Oracle and PHP: Current Strategy and Directions : Rendell PHP Security Briefing : Shiflett Keep It Simple with PythonCard : Altis Write Your Own Monitoring Software With RRDtool : Oetiker An Overview of Berkeley DB XML : Brian Eight Open Source Applications for IT You’ve Never Heard Of : Williamson Plugging Holes in the Open Source Stack: How to Create a Hybrid of Your Own : Moore Getting Started With a Mozilla Project : Dotzler,
2:30PM Interim Break
2:35PM Perl 5.8 and Unicode: Myths and Facts : Kogai The Semasiology of Open Source (Part II) : Lefkowitz What is OpenSolaris? : Wesolowski How to Serve a Billion Requests a Day with Perl : Scaldeferri Visualizing Data with JFreeChart : Sullivan States of the Databases : Axmark, Harrison, Momjian, McGrattan Writing, Reviewing, and Instigating O'Reilly Books: Will, Skill and Time : Hendrickson Rapidly Building Web 2.0 Apps on Enterprise LAMP : Yared Using XSLT in PHP 5 : Park Ways Geeks Are Making Waves (A Pythonic Perspective) : Urner   Using and Extending Sprog : McLean Mastering the Open Source Triple Play : Tiemann How to Safely Participate in an Open Source Project : Heffan svl: Peer-to-Peer Subversion Over Bonjour : Brocard, Bergman
3:20PM Break
4:30PM Practical Perl Testing : Odom, chromatic, Lester, Langworth Opening the Source to Business : Duncan Open Source Data Backup, or: How To Sleep Better at Night : Fabrizio Search Panel : Falcone Scalable Computing with MapReduce : Cutting How to Move Object-Relational Mapping into the Database : Wheeler Hacking Books with Safari Web Services : Bausch, Pettibone Participatory Testing : Martin, Fang State of PHP : Lerdorf Build Your Own Chandler Parcel : Leung SiteMesh: A Simple Approach to Web Site Layout : Walnes The Open Source Path to Autonomous Robots : Bosworth, Monti Open Source Enterprise Applications: Ready for Prime Time? Ready for You? : van Beem, Taylor, Janke   Supercharging Firefox with Extensions : Goodger
5:15PM Interim Break
5:20PM Practical Perl Testing : Odom, chromatic, Lester, Langworth Extracting Rails from Basecamp : Heinemeier Hansson Enterprise Grade Virtualization with Open Source Technologies : Bar Design and Implementation of the Perl 6 Compiler : Michaud Tapestry In Action : Lewis Ship Open Data: How the RDBMS Is the Key That Unlocks Proprietary Applications : Lefkowitz Remix your textbook with SafariU : Rayhill Creating Your Own Private Internet Networks with JXTA(TM) Technology : Abdelaziz Redefining Web Interfaces with PHP 5, Javascript, and JPSpan : Uhlman State of the Python Union : van Rossum LSB-XML Workgroup Overview and Progress Report : Johnson Implementing CalDAV, a New Standard for Sharing Calendar Information Over the Internet : Baker, moseley, Mosedale, Douglass Open Source Licensing Trends : Copenhaver, Peters, Smith, Radcliffe, Majerus   What Developers Want : Pal
6:00PM Exhibit Hall Reception & Author Signing
Thursday, August 4, 2005
 Portland 251 Portland 252 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D139 D140 E141 E142 E143 E144 E145 E146 E148
8:30AM Conference Announcements : Torkington
TCP/IP and Shipping Containers : Gall
High Order Bit: Secrets Behind Ruby on Rails : Heinemeier Hansson
Enterprise IT: Open Source Powerhouse : Subbarao
Computational Origami: From Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes : Lang
Interview: Mitchell Baker : Baker
Identity 2.0 : Hardt
Mac OS X Exploration Lab (10am-6pm)
SpikeZoo TestFest (10am-6pm)
10:45AM The State of Free JVMs : Tromey MTASC: Opening the Flash Platform : Cannasse System Rescue with Knoppix : Rankin Lightning Talks : Dominus Real World Web Scalability : Bjørn Hansen Explaining Explain : Treat Emerging Platform Technologies and Usages : Skarpness Enterprise Linux Software Development and Porting : Davis PDO: PHP Data Objects : Furlong Integrating External Technologies into Plone : Burton Yield to the Block: The Power of Blocks in Ruby : Matsumoto You Had Me at HELO : Schwartz, Phoenix Calculating the ROI of Open Source: How to Build Your Own Model : Lefkowitz   Computational Origami: Mathematics, Tools and Algorithms : Lang
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM JavaScript Archive Network: Infrastructure for Scalable JavaScript Development : West ActionStep - An OSS Component Framework for Flash : Kilmer RAD That Ain't Bad -- Domain Driven Development with Trails : Nelson Lightning Talks : Dominus Getting Up to Speed with Apache Geronimo : McQueeney Configuring Firebird for Your Application : Harrison Customizing Mac OS X Using Open Source : van Vechten The DNA of a Commercial Open Source Software Business Model : Roberts Building PHP Applications with Berkeley DBXM : Schlossnagle Open Testing for Open Source : Pugh 10 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know About Ruby : Weirich Failover Firewalls with OpenBSD and CARP : Dixon Open Source Governance: Strategies for Controlling Open Source Adoption : van Beem   PostgreSQL Built Your Car : Thul
12:20PM Lunch
1:45PM pie-thon Update : Ruby It's Time to Share: Calendar Data Interchange : Radwin, Sklar The Art of Fenestration: Porting from POSIX to Windows : Momjian PPI: Parsing, Analyzing, and Manipulating Perl (without Perl) : Kennedy Introduction to mod_rewrite : Bowen Performance Tuning Ingres for Large Scale Servers : Schendel Jr. Web Services Comes of Age with Covalent Technologies : Weerawarana, Brewer What’s in Your Code? Where’d It Come From? : Pedersen Easy eBay Web Services with PHP 5 and Services_Ebay : Trachtenberg Don't Drop the SOAP: Why Web Services Require Complexity : Ray A Starry Afternoon, a Sinking Symphony, and the Polo Champ Who Gave It All Up for No Reason Whatsoever : the lucky stiff The Latest (and Craftiest) Attack and Penetration Techniques and Tools : Dhanjani Maturity of Open Source Affinity Groups - Identifying Related Open Source Components for Stable Runtime : Pal Open Source Skill Building : Behlendorf, Jagielski Going Open Source: A Case Study : Temkin
2:30PM Interim Break
2:35PM Cross Platform Deployment with Mono : Shockey, Hill Building Networked Embedded Sensors Using J2ME : Wright Tech Trends: Hard Numbers Behind the O'Reilly Radar : O'Reilly, Magoulas Inside Ponie, the Bridge from Perl 5 to Perl 6 : Clark Using Apache and PHP to Defend Your System : Coar Running PostgreSQL 8 on Windows : Obermeyer Open Source IP Management & Compliance 101 : Tolliver Win-Win: Promoting Open Source Success to Promote Customer Success : Medlyn PHP Is Ready for Big Business : Gutmans XQuery By Example: Making O'Reilly Books Sing and Dance : Hunter Metaprogramming Ruby : Vanderburg Are Open Source Developers Prepared for Security Bugs? : Dhanjani, Vincent, Veditz Where and When Can a Linux Desktop Work? : Witham Evaluating the Risk and Maturity of Open Source Projects : Jacobson LiveJournal's Backend: A History of Scaling : Fitzpatrick
3:20PM Break
4:30PM IronPython 1.0: Python on the .NET Framework : Hugunin Running with Scissors: Life on the Bleeding Edge : Waugh DTrace: Opening the Kimono : Cantrill Extreme Perl Makeover : Scott Using WebDAV : Stein Flagship Features in MySQL 5.0 : Pelzer HP Open Source Printing Software : Oleinik Cloudscape, Apache and PHP on Linux- A Winning Combination : Czap An Introduction to ext/mysqli: Using MySQL 5 with PHP 5 : Greant Wiring Apps with Apache Beehive Controls : Conaty Dependency Injection: Vitally Important or Completely Irrelevant? : Weirich Personal Digital Identity with LID : Ernst Reducing the Risk of Using Open Source: New Tools, Services, and Approaches : Bedell, Brewer   Building Websites with Drupal : Buytaert
5:15PM Interim Break
5:20PM Open Source and Developing Countries : Weerawarana H2O Playlists -- Social Bookmarking for Education : Roberts, Krause Building Apps with Subversion : Stein Preventing Crisis: Project Estimation and Tracking That Works : Lester HTTP Caching and Cache-busting for Content Publishers : Radwin All The Data, All The Time: High Availability Database Servers : Spier, Sullivan, Cole, Schendel Jr., Teerikorpi Introducing the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System : Holmes-Higgin The Future of Firefox as a Platform: A Panel Discussion : Ascher, Shaver, Caraveo, Boodman, McKellar PHP and Unicode: A Love At Fifth Sight : Zmievski XMPP in Java : Tucker Introduction to Object-Relational Mapping with Hibernate : Sam-Bodden Overall Data Management Strategies -- What Security Logs Do You Look At and Why? : Babbin Most Common Errors in Open Source Adoption : Woods, Guliani Portland: Open Technology Hub : Reimer Open Source Data Warehouses : Magoulas
6:00PM Apple Developer Connection Reception
Powell's Books Open House
Friday, August 5, 2005
 Portland 251 Portland 252 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D139 D140 E141 E142 E143 E144
8:30AM Conference Announcements : Torkington
Linux - In Search of the Desktop : Dotzler
Open Source Biology : Endy
Open Source Licensing Issues : Gaughan
On Evil : O'Brien
Howtoons : Griffith
10:15AM Break
10:45AM MVC Web Development with Perl : Harkins Advanced Groovy : Cope Women in Open Source : Baker, Cooper, Randal, Giordano, Krieger, Sharma, Bhorat Build Easily Extensible Perl Programs : Bjørn Hansen Zope 3 and the Semantic Web : Pelletier What Every Open Source Project Should Know About Patents : Schultz Rethinking Daemon Management: Darwin's launchd : Zarzycki The Do-It-Yourself Mindset : Torrone What's New in the Bricolage Content Management System : Wheeler Building Liquid Web Applications with Remote Scripting : Chay Building and Deploying LAMP Applications with ActiveGrid : Yared Email Security Techniques: Filtering the Future : Cook
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM You Can't Get There From Here : Dominus JAXB and XML Processing in Java : Komatineni Read and Write OpenOffice Documents with Perl : Anderson Python Lightning Talks : Altis Building Responsive Web UIs with DHTML : Russell Logic Programming in Perl: Let the Computer Do the Hard Work : Poe Applying the Power of Patterns to Java Build Infrastructures : van Zyl Terabyte Scaling of the Ingres DBMS : Salch Hacking Your Home Phone System : Aker 45 Things to Do with RSS and Atom : Hammersley, Appnel European Software Patents : Tiemann, Mickos, Pilch Greasemonkey: DIY Web Improvement : Boodman
12:20PM Break
12:45PM Closing Session : de Icaza, Torkington
1:30PM Lunch on your own
2:30PM Portland Bridges - A Guided Tour