OSCON 2006 All Sessions

Below is an overview of the program. All keynotes will take place on in the Portland Ballroom. Click here for the schedule for O'Reilly Radar: The Executive Briefing.

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Monday, July 24, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 253 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E143-144
8:30AM The Ruby Guidebook: Dave Thomas, Mike Clark JavaScript Boot Camp: Amy Hoy Scalable Internet Architectures: Theo Schlossnagle Maximum Velocity MySQL: Jay Pipes The 7 Principles of Better API Design: Damian Conway Django: Web Development with Journalists' Deadlines: Jacob Kaplan-Moss Businesses Partnering with Open Source Communities: Opportunities, Perils, and Pitfalls: James Howison Adding Version Control to Your Application with Subversion: Garrett Rooney Object-oriented Scripting: Avi Kak
12:00PM Lunch (on your own)
1:30PM Rails Guidebook: Dave Thomas, Mike Clark Introduction to the Apache Web Server: Rich Bowen Power PHP Testing: Geoffrey Young, Chris Shiflett Higher-Order Perl: Mark-Jason Dominus Mastering vim: Damian Conway Python Optimization: Brian Quinlan MySQL 5.1 In-Depth: Brian Aker Face 2 Face: Processes for OS Communities: Kaliya Hamlin Write A Real, Working Linux Driver: Greg Kroah-Hartman Asterisk Inside and Out: Brian Capouch
5:00PM Break
9:30PM Werewolf: Artur Bergman
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 253 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E143-144
8:30AM Introduction to Haskell: Adam Turoff Real World Web Services: Scott Davis Advanced Perl DBI: Tim Bunce Large Scale Webapps: Managing Releases and DevTeam Infrastructure: Jonathan Oxer Ajax on Rails: Stuart Halloway Introduction to PostgreSQL: A. Elein Mustain Introduction to Object-oriented Programming with PHP: Marcus Börger High Performance PHP: George Schlossnagle Just Enough Intellectual Property Law to Manage an Open Source Project: Cliff Schmidt An Introduction to wxPython: Robin Dunn
12:00PM Lunch (on your own)
1:30PM Building an Asynchronous Multiuser Web App for Fun ... and Maybe Profit: Laura Thomson, Luke Welling More Perl Best Practices: Damian Conway Rolling Your Own Google Maps: Scott Davis Secure Your Web Apps: OWASP Top 10 2007: Andrew van der Stock Rock-solid Web Development: Testing Web Apps: John Paul Ashenfelter Leveraging Mono for Cross-platform Development: Kevin Shockey, Joseph Hill Essential PHP Security: Chris Shiflett Extending and Embracing RT: Robert Spier, Jesse Vincent Open Source Clue Training: How to Market to People Who Hate Marketing: Doc Searls
5:00PM Break
7:00PM 2006 Google - O'Reilly Open Source Award: Nathan Torkington, Chris DiBona
State of the Onion: Larry Wall
White Camel Awards: David H. Adler
Cognitive Seduction: Kathy Sierra
The Da Vinci Codebase: Damian Conway
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 255 Portland 256 D133 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E141 E142 E143-144 E145 F150 F151
8:45AM Welcome!: Nathan Torkington
O'Reilly Radar: Tim O'Reilly
School of Rock: Scott Yara
Trying to Suck Less: Making Web 2.0 Mean Something: Anil Dash
Interview with Mike Olson: From Sleepycat to Oracle: Michael Olson
Q & A
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Big Bad PostgreSQL: A Case Study: Theo Schlossnagle Parsers, Perl 6 Rules, and the Parrot Grammar Engine: Patrick Michaud Handling Cross-domain XMLHttpRequests: Premshree Pillai What's New with Perl DBI?: Tim Bunce Journalism via Computer Programming: Adrian Holovaty Making Sales While Making Friends: Lessons Learned from Open Source Businesses: Matt Asay Open Technology Development: Open Source and the U.S. Government: John Scott Beyond the Stock Kernel: Patching and Building a Kernel for Security and Speed: Steve Suehring Metaprogramming Java with HiveMind and Javassist: Howard Lewis Ship Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Using PostgreSQL: Luke Lonergan Enterprise Open-source Adoption: Raven Zachary Open Source, APIs, and the Summer of Code at Google: Chris DiBona Test-driven Development Meets Design-by-Contract: Jim Weirich   Using Ruby on Rails and Ajax to Make a Massive Multiplayer Game: Michael Buffington
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Extending MySQL Made Easy: Plugin API: Sergei Golubchik   Ajax Optimization Techniques: Working with Large Ajax Applications: Kevin Henrikson Mind Like Water: The Path to Perl Bliss: Peter Scott Easy AI with Python: Raymond Hettinger Opening Up the News: A Case Study on How One Organization Went Open Source, and How Yours Can, Too: Russ Danner, Terry Barbounis, Curtis D. Edge Dirty Secrets of PHP 5's Ext/SOAP Extension: Adam Trachtenberg Current State of the Linux Kernel: Greg Kroah-Hartman Embedding a Database in The Browser: David Van Couvering Google AJAX Search API: Mark Lucovsky   A Closed Source Project Becomes Open Source: How We Succeeded: Lars Thalmann Deploying Rails Apps with Capistrano: Mike Clark Maximum Netfilter: Michael Rash Painless Web Proxying with Apache mod_proxy: Justin Erenkrantz
12:20PM Lunch
1:45PM Building "Sane" Query Interfaces to Databases: Mark Newsome The Atom Publishing Protocol as Universal Web Glue: Tim Bray Prototype: Stuart Halloway Nothing But (Ingy döt) Net: Brian Ingerson dimdim - The World's Free Web Conference: Prakash Khot, DD Ganguly Measuring Open Source Popularity: Luke Welling PHP Lightning Talks: George Schlossnagle A Simple Guide to Linux File Systems: Val Henson Rock Your Testing World with Devel::Cover: Geoffrey Young Case In Point: OpenLaszlo and Open Source: Adam Wolff Stump the Band: Ben Trott, Artur Bergman, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa So, You Want to Build an Open Source Community: Learning from Apache: J Aaron Farr Driving Rails Deep Into the Back Office: Obie Fernandez The Madness of Ajax: Andrew van der Stock Jifty: Nifty Applications in a Jiffy: Jesse Vincent
2:30PM Interim Break
2:35PM Developing Berkeley DB Java Edition: Internals and War Stories: Charles Lamb Open Source QA with Selenium: Patrick Lightbody Cross-site Ajax: Challenges and Techniques for Building Rich Web 2.0 Mashups: Joseph Smarr Plagger: Pluggable RSS/Atom Aggregation: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Streamlined: Stuart Halloway Lessons Learned in Taking a Closed Source Product Open: Neelan Choksi PHP Lightning Talks: George Schlossnagle Getting Started in Linux Kernel Development: Randy Dunlap Building Java Web Applications with Tapestry: Howard Lewis Ship   The Challenge: Digital Media and OSS: John Terpstra The Semasiology of Open Source (Part III): Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz Ruby and .NET: John Lam Painless maintenance of local changes to fast-moving software: Bryan O'Sullivan Programming the Kernel for Web 2.0: Audrey Tang
3:20PM Break
4:30PM Lightning States of: Louis Suarez-Potts, Jeff Waugh, Josh Berkus, David Van Couvering, Corey Shields, Donnie Berkholz, Craig Russell Python in the Enterprise: Alex Martelli 0 to 60 in 45 Minutes: A Down and Dirty Ajax Design Patterns Fire Drill: Terry Chay Perl Lightning Talks: Mark-Jason Dominus So You've Inherited a MySQL Instance on Unix: Sheeri Kritzer Puppet: An Operating System Abstraction and Automation Framework: Luke Kanies PHP 6 & Unicode: The Tower of Babel, Next Generation: Andrei Zmievski Using Xen and Crucible for Automated Testing of Inkscape and Cairo: Bryce Harrington The Shale Framework: Craig McClanahan Implementing the LAMP Stack: Jim Jagielski Content in the Web 2.0 World: Mike Hendrickson The Best and Worst of Open Source Business Tactics: Cliff Schmidt Ruby for Java Programmers: Ugo Cei The Truth about XSS: Chris Shiflett Django: Web Development with Journalists' Deadlines: Jacob Kaplan-Moss
5:15PM Interim Break
5:20PM Lightning States of (con't): Josh Berkus wxPython in a Nutshell: Robin Dunn No Flash Required: Interactive Browser Graphics: Gavin Doughtie Perl Lightning Talks (con't): Mark-Jason Dominus Apache Harmony : Open Source Java SE: Geir Magnusson Leveraging Ajax Linking and Embedding ("ALE") to Extend the Power of Ajax:   PDO: PHP Data Objects: Wez Furlong Contribute Tests to Your Favorite Open Source Project: Dayne Medlyn How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too): Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman Virtualization and Linux: Anything but Traditional: Kevin Noreen   Coding Wizard, Savvy Trader: Applying Your Expertise to the Stock Market: Kartik Subbarao Extending Ruby with C: Garrett Rooney Open Source Voting: Arthur Keller, David Mertz Data Mining Using Orange and Python: Matt Drew
6:05PM Exhibit Hall Reception
FOSCON II: The Ruby Rodeo
Firefox Flicks Screening: Asa Dotzler
Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E141 E142 E143-144 E145 F150 F151
8:45AM The Zen of Free: Simon Phipps
"Opening" the Possibilities: APIs and Open Source Code: Gary Lang
5 A Day: Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz
Developers: You've Got the Power - Now What?: Stephen O'Grady
Making Tech Documentaries: How and Why: Jason Scott
Q & A
10:15AM Break
10:45AM How Database Engines Work: D. Richard Hipp Porting Mac::Carbon to Intel: Chris Nandor Building Rich Clients Using Eclipse RCP: Wayne Beaton Mason Components for Ajax: David Bushong What Happens When the Money Comes?: Mitchell Baker, Tim O'Reilly, Danese Cooper, Geir Magnusson, David Recordon, Susan Wu Building Extensible Desktop Applications with the Zope 3 Project: Nathan Yergler The (Surprising) History of Copyright, and What It Means for Open Source: Karl Fogel Subversion Best Practices: Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman OSGeo: Mapping and Geospatial Tools & Support: Jo Walsh, Mark Lucas, Aaron Racicot Proven and Robust OLTP Storage Engine Goes Open Source--Solid Information Technology, solidDB for MySQL: Murat Demiroglu Python in Mozilla: Mark Hammond PHP and Web 2.0: Rasmus Lerdorf Real World Security Response: Mark Cox Building Rails to Legacy Applications: Robert Treat
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM TimeTravel Tables in PostgreSQL: A. Elein Mustain Microsummaries in Firefox and on the Web: Myk Melez Python 3000: Guido van Rossum A Relational Object Driver That Doesn't Suck: Ben Trott Building Successful Commercial Open Source Projects: Jorg Janke haXe: A Cross-platfom Web Language: Nicolas Cannasse DVR Happiness: Gluing MythTV and TiVo Together with Galleon: Kees Cook Building a High Performance XML Router with AsyncWeb and XFire: Dan Diephouse The Future of Software is a Blend, But of What?: Robert Sutor Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation: Jason Mauer Ajax + .NET = Atlas: Christian Wenz I'm 200, You're 200: Codependency in the Age of the Mash-up: David Sklar   Low-Maintenance Perl: Perrin Harkins
12:20PM Lunch
1:45PM SQL Outer Joins for Fun and Profit: Bill Karwin Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo!: Michael Radwin Songbird: Robert Lord Perl 6 Update: Damian Conway, Larry Wall Marketing to Dilbert: How to Invite Developers Into Your Project: Dave Rosenberg, Stephen O'Grady vobject: iCalendar in Python: Jeffrey Harris Writing Portable C Code with APR: Garrett Rooney A Google Service for the Open Source Community: Greg Stein A guided Tour of HQ: The Open Source Management Platform: Doug MacEachern LinuxCOE: Deploying and Supporting Linux in Global IT Operations: Craig Lamparter Leveraging Mono for Cross-platform Development: Kevin Shockey, Joseph Hill PHP Security Testing: Chris Shiflett OpenLaszlo: No Flash Required!: David Temkin Building Domain-specific Language in Ruby: Neal Ford
2:30PM Interim Break
2:35PM Eight Steps to Fix Your Database Performance Problem: Christopher Browne Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags: Mark-Jason Dominus State of the Desktop Infrastructure: Jamey Sharp Perl 6 Compiler Status and the Parrot Compiler Toolkit: Patrick Michaud Failing to Succeed: Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz Scripting .NET with IronPython: Jim Hugunin, Martin Maly Business Models for Open Source Software Companies: Tony Wasserman Using Google Web Toolkit: Bret Taylor, Bruce Johnson Sun's Open Source Strategy: Simon Phipps, Tom Marble The Secret Sauce of Robust Developer Communities - Presented by O'Reilly Media in Partnership with CollabNet: Denise Kalos, Andrew Kelly Working with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and Microsoft Access Databases in a Java Application: Sean Sullivan Writing Maintainable Code with PHP: Laura Thomson User Experience, Pain-free: Amy Hoy Testing Rails Apps: Mike Clark
3:20PM Break
4:30PM The Future of MySQL Replication: Lars Thalmann Live Perl Testing: Michael G. Schwern, Josh Heumann Building Internet Applications with Mozilla XULRunner: Benjamin Smedberg Parrot: Evolution: Chip Salzenberg Bringing Open Source Software Development Processes and Principles to the Enterprise: Brian Behlendorf Capturing an Audience with Laser and Snake: Robert Stephenson Tips And Tricks with NHibernate: Benjamin Day Building Search Applications With KinoSearch: Marvin Humphrey Leap Ahead with New Intel Platform Innovations in 2006: Mark Skarpness Onward and Upward: Faster PHP with Oracle: Christopher Jones Simplifying Service-oriented Applications with Apache Tuscany: Jeremy Boynes Understanding ZFramework: John Coggeshall When Interface Design Attacks!: Amy Hoy Software Libre: FOSS in Venezuela: Jeff Zucker, Lino Ramirez, Alejandro Imass
5:15PM Interim Break
5:20PM Concurrency Control in Relational Databases: Arjen Lentz The Art of Community: Mitchell Baker, Karl Fogel, Danese Cooper, Zak Greant, Geir Magnusson, Zaheda Bhorat, Dawn Foster, Josh Bancroft OSS Project Press Relations: Josh Berkus The Conway Channel 2006: Damian Conway Enterprises and Communities: A Match Made in…?: Rod Cope   Ubuntu: Community Building for Human Beings: Jeff Waugh   MindTouch Dream: When REST is Just the Beginning: Steve Bjorg The PHP Collaboration Project: Targeting PHP at Modern Web Applications: Jayson Minard Roadmap to Free .NET Developer Tools: Lee Fisher The Underpants Gnomes Strategy Guide: An eCards Case Study: Terry Chay Web Heresies: The Seaside Framework: Avi Bryant Troubleshooting the Java Virtual Machine and the Applications That Run Within It: Moazam Raja
6:05PM Break
7:00PM Powell's Technical Bookstore Open House
CAMBIA BiOS Initiative Concert and Keynote: Tim O'Reilly, Richard Jefferson
Friday, July 28, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 255 Portland 256 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E141 E143-144 E145 F150 F151
8:45AM 25 years of the IBM PC: Dave Bradley
Technology Trendspotting with the O'Reilly Research Data Mart: Roger Magoulas
The Washington Bridge and Other Public Structures: Carl Malamud
openTalk 2.0: Maximizing Non-stakeholder Buy-in by Leveraging Depatented Generic Information Transfer Protocols: Damian Conway
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Object-oriented Database Design: David Wheeler Jabber: The State of the Bulb: Peter Saint-Andre Extreme Perl Makeover: Peter Scott Djinni: Approximating NP-Complete Problems, Fast: Robert Hansen, Tristan Thiede Practical OpenID: David Recordon, Brian Ellin Open Source Performance Monitoring Tools and Tricks for Java: Matt Secoske   10 Tools Developers Need Today: Karl Fogel Writing Your Own PHP Extensions: How & Why from A-Z: Jeremy Johnstone Making Things Move: Finding Inappropriate Uses for Scripting Languages: Jonathan Oxer NUnit: Cross-platform Testing for .Net: Charlie Poole
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Free Calls, Free Software: David Bitton Perl Hacks You Never Knew Existed:  chromatic,  chromatic History of the PC: Dave Bradley Kamaelia: Time Traveling and Other Toys from the BBC: Michael Sparks Highly-technical Management of Software Development: Alex Martelli Making Tech Documentaries: Jason Scott Yahoo Disaster Response: Preparing for the Next Katrina: Jeremy Johnstone, James Jones Cosmo and Scooby: Standards-based Open Source Calendaring: brian moseley, Matthew Eernisse, Bobby Rullo Practical PHP Patterns: George Schlossnagle LiveJournal's Secret Spinoffs: Artur Bergman, Brad Whitaker Hacking Your House with VoIP: Brian Aker
12:20PM Break
12:30PM The Renaissance of Invention: Free Software and the Next American Century: Eben Moglen
1:00PM Farewell Snack
2:00PM Portland Bridges: A Guided Tour
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