OSCON 2006 Products and Services Sessions

Below is an overview of the program. All keynotes will take place on in the Portland Ballroom. Click here for the schedule for O'Reilly Radar: The Executive Briefing.

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Monday, July 24, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 253 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E143-144
8:30AM The Ruby Guidebook: Dave Thomas, Mike Clark JavaScript Boot Camp: Amy Hoy Scalable Internet Architectures: Theo Schlossnagle Maximum Velocity MySQL: Jay Pipes The 7 Principles of Better API Design: Damian Conway Django: Web Development with Journalists' Deadlines: Jacob Kaplan-Moss Businesses Partnering with Open Source Communities: Opportunities, Perils, and Pitfalls: James Howison Adding Version Control to Your Application with Subversion: Garrett Rooney Object-oriented Scripting: Avi Kak
12:00PM Lunch (on your own)
1:30PM Rails Guidebook: Dave Thomas, Mike Clark Introduction to the Apache Web Server: Rich Bowen Power PHP Testing: Geoffrey Young, Chris Shiflett Higher-Order Perl: Mark-Jason Dominus Mastering vim: Damian Conway Python Optimization: Brian Quinlan MySQL 5.1 In-Depth: Brian Aker Face 2 Face: Processes for OS Communities: Kaliya Hamlin Write A Real, Working Linux Driver: Greg Kroah-Hartman Asterisk Inside and Out: Brian Capouch
5:00PM Break
9:30PM Werewolf: Artur Bergman
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 253 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E143-144
8:30AM Introduction to Haskell: Adam Turoff Real World Web Services: Scott Davis Advanced Perl DBI: Tim Bunce Large Scale Webapps: Managing Releases and DevTeam Infrastructure: Jonathan Oxer Ajax on Rails: Stuart Halloway Introduction to PostgreSQL: A. Elein Mustain Introduction to Object-oriented Programming with PHP: Marcus Börger High Performance PHP: George Schlossnagle Just Enough Intellectual Property Law to Manage an Open Source Project: Cliff Schmidt An Introduction to wxPython: Robin Dunn
12:00PM Lunch (on your own)
1:30PM Building an Asynchronous Multiuser Web App for Fun ... and Maybe Profit: Laura Thomson, Luke Welling More Perl Best Practices: Damian Conway Rolling Your Own Google Maps: Scott Davis Secure Your Web Apps: OWASP Top 10 2007: Andrew van der Stock Rock-solid Web Development: Testing Web Apps: John Paul Ashenfelter Leveraging Mono for Cross-platform Development: Kevin Shockey, Joseph Hill Essential PHP Security: Chris Shiflett Extending and Embracing RT: Robert Spier, Jesse Vincent Open Source Clue Training: How to Market to People Who Hate Marketing: Doc Searls
5:00PM Break
7:00PM 2006 Google - O'Reilly Open Source Award: Nathan Torkington, Chris DiBona
State of the Onion: Larry Wall
White Camel Awards: David H. Adler
Cognitive Seduction: Kathy Sierra
The Da Vinci Codebase: Damian Conway
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 255 Portland 256 D133 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E141 E142 E143-144 E145 F150 F151
8:45AM Welcome!: Nathan Torkington
O'Reilly Radar: Tim O'Reilly
School of Rock: Scott Yara
Trying to Suck Less: Making Web 2.0 Mean Something: Anil Dash
Interview with Mike Olson: From Sleepycat to Oracle: Michael Olson
Q & A
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Big Bad PostgreSQL: A Case Study: Theo Schlossnagle Parsers, Perl 6 Rules, and the Parrot Grammar Engine: Patrick Michaud Handling Cross-domain XMLHttpRequests: Premshree Pillai What's New with Perl DBI?: Tim Bunce Journalism via Computer Programming: Adrian Holovaty Making Sales While Making Friends: Lessons Learned from Open Source Businesses: Matt Asay Open Technology Development: Open Source and the U.S. Government: John Scott Beyond the Stock Kernel: Patching and Building a Kernel for Security and Speed: Steve Suehring Metaprogramming Java with HiveMind and Javassist: Howard Lewis Ship Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Using PostgreSQL: Luke Lonergan Enterprise Open-source Adoption: Raven Zachary Open Source, APIs, and the Summer of Code at Google: Chris DiBona Test-driven Development Meets Design-by-Contract: Jim Weirich   Using Ruby on Rails and Ajax to Make a Massive Multiplayer Game: Michael Buffington
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Extending MySQL Made Easy: Plugin API: Sergei Golubchik   Ajax Optimization Techniques: Working with Large Ajax Applications: Kevin Henrikson Mind Like Water: The Path to Perl Bliss: Peter Scott Easy AI with Python: Raymond Hettinger Opening Up the News: A Case Study on How One Organization Went Open Source, and How Yours Can, Too: Russ Danner, Terry Barbounis, Curtis D. Edge Dirty Secrets of PHP 5's Ext/SOAP Extension: Adam Trachtenberg Current State of the Linux Kernel: Greg Kroah-Hartman Embedding a Database in The Browser: David Van Couvering Google AJAX Search API: Mark Lucovsky   A Closed Source Project Becomes Open Source: How We Succeeded: Lars Thalmann Deploying Rails Apps with Capistrano: Mike Clark Maximum Netfilter: Michael Rash Painless Web Proxying with Apache mod_proxy: Justin Erenkrantz
12:20PM Lunch
1:45PM Building "Sane" Query Interfaces to Databases: Mark Newsome The Atom Publishing Protocol as Universal Web Glue: Tim Bray Prototype: Stuart Halloway Nothing But (Ingy döt) Net: Brian Ingerson dimdim - The World's Free Web Conference: Prakash Khot, DD Ganguly Measuring Open Source Popularity: Luke Welling PHP Lightning Talks: George Schlossnagle A Simple Guide to Linux File Systems: Val Henson Rock Your Testing World with Devel::Cover: Geoffrey Young Case In Point: OpenLaszlo and Open Source: Adam Wolff Stump the Band: Ben Trott, Artur Bergman, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa So, You Want to Build an Open Source Community: Learning from Apache: J Aaron Farr Driving Rails Deep Into the Back Office: Obie Fernandez The Madness of Ajax: Andrew van der Stock Jifty: Nifty Applications in a Jiffy: Jesse Vincent
2:30PM Interim Break
2:35PM Developing Berkeley DB Java Edition: Internals and War Stories: Charles Lamb Open Source QA with Selenium: Patrick Lightbody Cross-site Ajax: Challenges and Techniques for Building Rich Web 2.0 Mashups: Joseph Smarr Plagger: Pluggable RSS/Atom Aggregation: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Streamlined: Stuart Halloway Lessons Learned in Taking a Closed Source Product Open: Neelan Choksi PHP Lightning Talks: George Schlossnagle Getting Started in Linux Kernel Development: Randy Dunlap Building Java Web Applications with Tapestry: Howard Lewis Ship   The Challenge: Digital Media and OSS: John Terpstra The Semasiology of Open Source (Part III): Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz Ruby and .NET: John Lam Painless maintenance of local changes to fast-moving software: Bryan O'Sullivan Programming the Kernel for Web 2.0: Audrey Tang
3:20PM Break
4:30PM Lightning States of: Louis Suarez-Potts, Jeff Waugh, Josh Berkus, David Van Couvering, Corey Shields, Donnie Berkholz, Craig Russell Python in the Enterprise: Alex Martelli 0 to 60 in 45 Minutes: A Down and Dirty Ajax Design Patterns Fire Drill: Terry Chay Perl Lightning Talks: Mark-Jason Dominus So You've Inherited a MySQL Instance on Unix: Sheeri Kritzer Puppet: An Operating System Abstraction and Automation Framework: Luke Kanies PHP 6 & Unicode: The Tower of Babel, Next Generation: Andrei Zmievski Using Xen and Crucible for Automated Testing of Inkscape and Cairo: Bryce Harrington The Shale Framework: Craig McClanahan Implementing the LAMP Stack: Jim Jagielski Content in the Web 2.0 World: Mike Hendrickson The Best and Worst of Open Source Business Tactics: Cliff Schmidt Ruby for Java Programmers: Ugo Cei The Truth about XSS: Chris Shiflett Django: Web Development with Journalists' Deadlines: Jacob Kaplan-Moss
5:15PM Interim Break
5:20PM Lightning States of (con't): Josh Berkus wxPython in a Nutshell: Robin Dunn No Flash Required: Interactive Browser Graphics: Gavin Doughtie Perl Lightning Talks (con't): Mark-Jason Dominus Apache Harmony : Open Source Java SE: Geir Magnusson Leveraging Ajax Linking and Embedding ("ALE") to Extend the Power of Ajax:   PDO: PHP Data Objects: Wez Furlong Contribute Tests to Your Favorite Open Source Project: Dayne Medlyn How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too): Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman Virtualization and Linux: Anything but Traditional: Kevin Noreen   Coding Wizard, Savvy Trader: Applying Your Expertise to the Stock Market: Kartik Subbarao Extending Ruby with C: Garrett Rooney Open Source Voting: Arthur Keller, David Mertz Data Mining Using Orange and Python: Matt Drew
6:05PM Exhibit Hall Reception
FOSCON II: The Ruby Rodeo
Firefox Flicks Screening: Asa Dotzler
Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 251 Portland 255 Portland 256 D135 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E141 E142 E143-144 E145 F150 F151
8:45AM The Zen of Free: Simon Phipps
"Opening" the Possibilities: APIs and Open Source Code: Gary Lang
5 A Day: Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz
Developers: You've Got the Power - Now What?: Stephen O'Grady
Making Tech Documentaries: How and Why: Jason Scott
Q & A
10:15AM Break
10:45AM How Database Engines Work: D. Richard Hipp Porting Mac::Carbon to Intel: Chris Nandor Building Rich Clients Using Eclipse RCP: Wayne Beaton Mason Components for Ajax: David Bushong What Happens When the Money Comes?: Mitchell Baker, Tim O'Reilly, Danese Cooper, Geir Magnusson, David Recordon, Susan Wu Building Extensible Desktop Applications with the Zope 3 Project: Nathan Yergler The (Surprising) History of Copyright, and What It Means for Open Source: Karl Fogel Subversion Best Practices: Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman OSGeo: Mapping and Geospatial Tools & Support: Jo Walsh, Mark Lucas, Aaron Racicot Proven and Robust OLTP Storage Engine Goes Open Source--Solid Information Technology, solidDB for MySQL: Murat Demiroglu Python in Mozilla: Mark Hammond PHP and Web 2.0: Rasmus Lerdorf Real World Security Response: Mark Cox Building Rails to Legacy Applications: Robert Treat
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM TimeTravel Tables in PostgreSQL: A. Elein Mustain Microsummaries in Firefox and on the Web: Myk Melez Python 3000: Guido van Rossum A Relational Object Driver That Doesn't Suck: Ben Trott Building Successful Commercial Open Source Projects: Jorg Janke haXe: A Cross-platfom Web Language: Nicolas Cannasse DVR Happiness: Gluing MythTV and TiVo Together with Galleon: Kees Cook Building a High Performance XML Router with AsyncWeb and XFire: Dan Diephouse The Future of Software is a Blend, But of What?: Robert Sutor Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation: Jason Mauer Ajax + .NET = Atlas: Christian Wenz I'm 200, You're 200: Codependency in the Age of the Mash-up: David Sklar   Low-Maintenance Perl: Perrin Harkins
12:20PM Lunch
1:45PM SQL Outer Joins for Fun and Profit: Bill Karwin Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo!: Michael Radwin Songbird: Robert Lord Perl 6 Update: Damian Conway, Larry Wall Marketing to Dilbert: How to Invite Developers Into Your Project: Dave Rosenberg, Stephen O'Grady vobject: iCalendar in Python: Jeffrey Harris Writing Portable C Code with APR: Garrett Rooney A Google Service for the Open Source Community: Greg Stein A guided Tour of HQ: The Open Source Management Platform: Doug MacEachern LinuxCOE: Deploying and Supporting Linux in Global IT Operations: Craig Lamparter Leveraging Mono for Cross-platform Development: Kevin Shockey, Joseph Hill PHP Security Testing: Chris Shiflett OpenLaszlo: No Flash Required!: David Temkin Building Domain-specific Language in Ruby: Neal Ford
2:30PM Interim Break
2:35PM Eight Steps to Fix Your Database Performance Problem: Christopher Browne Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags: Mark-Jason Dominus State of the Desktop Infrastructure: Jamey Sharp Perl 6 Compiler Status and the Parrot Compiler Toolkit: Patrick Michaud Failing to Succeed: Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz Scripting .NET with IronPython: Jim Hugunin, Martin Maly Business Models for Open Source Software Companies: Tony Wasserman Using Google Web Toolkit: Bret Taylor, Bruce Johnson Sun's Open Source Strategy: Simon Phipps, Tom Marble The Secret Sauce of Robust Developer Communities - Presented by O'Reilly Media in Partnership with CollabNet: Denise Kalos, Andrew Kelly Working with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and Microsoft Access Databases in a Java Application: Sean Sullivan Writing Maintainable Code with PHP: Laura Thomson User Experience, Pain-free: Amy Hoy Testing Rails Apps: Mike Clark
3:20PM Break
4:30PM The Future of MySQL Replication: Lars Thalmann Live Perl Testing: Michael G. Schwern, Josh Heumann Building Internet Applications with Mozilla XULRunner: Benjamin Smedberg Parrot: Evolution: Chip Salzenberg Bringing Open Source Software Development Processes and Principles to the Enterprise: Brian Behlendorf Capturing an Audience with Laser and Snake: Robert Stephenson Tips And Tricks with NHibernate: Benjamin Day Building Search Applications With KinoSearch: Marvin Humphrey Leap Ahead with New Intel Platform Innovations in 2006: Mark Skarpness Onward and Upward: Faster PHP with Oracle: Christopher Jones Simplifying Service-oriented Applications with Apache Tuscany: Jeremy Boynes Understanding ZFramework: John Coggeshall When Interface Design Attacks!: Amy Hoy Software Libre: FOSS in Venezuela: Jeff Zucker, Lino Ramirez, Alejandro Imass
5:15PM Interim Break
5:20PM Concurrency Control in Relational Databases: Arjen Lentz The Art of Community: Mitchell Baker, Karl Fogel, Danese Cooper, Zak Greant, Geir Magnusson, Zaheda Bhorat, Dawn Foster, Josh Bancroft OSS Project Press Relations: Josh Berkus The Conway Channel 2006: Damian Conway Enterprises and Communities: A Match Made in…?: Rod Cope   Ubuntu: Community Building for Human Beings: Jeff Waugh   MindTouch Dream: When REST is Just the Beginning: Steve Bjorg The PHP Collaboration Project: Targeting PHP at Modern Web Applications: Jayson Minard Roadmap to Free .NET Developer Tools: Lee Fisher The Underpants Gnomes Strategy Guide: An eCards Case Study: Terry Chay Web Heresies: The Seaside Framework: Avi Bryant Troubleshooting the Java Virtual Machine and the Applications That Run Within It: Moazam Raja
6:05PM Break
7:00PM Powell's Technical Bookstore Open House
CAMBIA BiOS Initiative Concert and Keynote: Tim O'Reilly, Richard Jefferson
Friday, July 28, 2006
  Portland 252 Portland 255 Portland 256 D136 D137-138 D139-140 E141 E143-144 E145 F150 F151
8:45AM 25 years of the IBM PC: Dave Bradley
Technology Trendspotting with the O'Reilly Research Data Mart: Roger Magoulas
The Washington Bridge and Other Public Structures: Carl Malamud
openTalk 2.0: Maximizing Non-stakeholder Buy-in by Leveraging Depatented Generic Information Transfer Protocols: Damian Conway
10:15AM Break
10:45AM Object-oriented Database Design: David Wheeler Jabber: The State of the Bulb: Peter Saint-Andre Extreme Perl Makeover: Peter Scott Djinni: Approximating NP-Complete Problems, Fast: Robert Hansen, Tristan Thiede Practical OpenID: David Recordon, Brian Ellin Open Source Performance Monitoring Tools and Tricks for Java: Matt Secoske   10 Tools Developers Need Today: Karl Fogel Writing Your Own PHP Extensions: How & Why from A-Z: Jeremy Johnstone Making Things Move: Finding Inappropriate Uses for Scripting Languages: Jonathan Oxer NUnit: Cross-platform Testing for .Net: Charlie Poole
11:30AM Interim Break
11:35AM Free Calls, Free Software: David Bitton Perl Hacks You Never Knew Existed:  chromatic,  chromatic History of the PC: Dave Bradley Kamaelia: Time Traveling and Other Toys from the BBC: Michael Sparks Highly-technical Management of Software Development: Alex Martelli Making Tech Documentaries: Jason Scott Yahoo Disaster Response: Preparing for the Next Katrina: Jeremy Johnstone, James Jones Cosmo and Scooby: Standards-based Open Source Calendaring: brian moseley, Matthew Eernisse, Bobby Rullo Practical PHP Patterns: George Schlossnagle LiveJournal's Secret Spinoffs: Artur Bergman, Brad Whitaker Hacking Your House with VoIP: Brian Aker
12:20PM Break
12:30PM The Renaissance of Invention: Free Software and the Next American Century: Eben Moglen
1:00PM Farewell Snack
2:00PM Portland Bridges: A Guided Tour
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