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O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Sheraton San Diego Hotel, San Diego, CA
July 23-27, 2001

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Tim O'Reilly   Open Source is Here to Stay

by Tim O'Reilly

Since our first Perl Conference in 1997, open source has grown from the hacker's secret weapon to a major force in serious enterprise computing. Although the buzz about Linux as the next big thing for the industry has receded along with the stock market, Linux, Apache, Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, and other open source technologies--not to mention the collaborative software development methodologies pioneered by these programs--are more relevant than ever as we tackle the heavy lifting necessary to create the next generation of computer technology. Flexibility, transparency, and affordability make open source a strong contender in fields as diverse as bioinformatics, embedded systems, XML, and Web services.

This year's Open Source Convention is broader and deeper than ever before.

Our theme is "Fueling the Open Source Alternative," and we've put together over 250 sessions in 14 tracks that will help you to understand the impact of open source on today's technology marketplace, learn about the latest open source tools and techniques, and share your own ideas with the developers who are shaping the future of open source. As open source has become more diverse and gained greater acceptance, we've found more innovations to unveil, success stories to tell, and cross-technology solutions to build. You'll be able to go deep into the technologies you use most, and you'll have plenty of chances to check out new ideas from the developers who are pushing the envelope.

It's a tradition for key open source developers to gather annually at the Open Source Convention. Familiar names like Larry Wall (Perl), Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP), Guido van Rossum (Python), Brian Behlendorf (Apache), Michael Tiemann (Linux and GNU tools), and Eric Raymond (open source sociology and community practices) will be joined by up-and-coming open source stars with new projects, like Kevin Lenzo (voice recognition and synthesis), and Matt Sergeant (AxKit), as well as experts from other technologies that are now high on the open source developer's radar, including Don Box (SOAP), Fred Baker (IETF), chromatic (Extreme Programming), and Edd Dumbill (XML).

New this year:

XML: The convention now includes the XTech2001 Conference on XML, presented in association with GCA. XML is a key area for all open source developers to understand. From the introductory track to the Bleeding-Edge XML sessions, XTech brings you the latest XML developments in an open source context.

PHP: In cooperation with the PHP Core Group, we're proud to present the first annual PHP Conference.

O'Reilly Summit on Open Source Strategies: In conjunction with CollabNet and O'Reilly Research, we've put together a program for CTOs, CIOs, investors, and other IT decision-makers. What are the best practices of collaborative software development, and what are the challenges facing open source in the enterprise?

Tcl: The Tcl/Tk Conference has joined us after seven years with USENIX.

The Perl Conference is back, of course, and Perl wizards like Tom Christiansen, Randal Schwartz, Nat Torkington, Simon Cozens, Damian Conway, and Mark-Jason Dominus bring you the newest applications of Perl. There's a new track on mod_perl, plus conferences on Apache, MySQL, Mozilla, and open source Java projects such as JBoss and OpenEJB.

Hallway conversations, BOFs, and parties are all crucial elements of the Open Source Convention magic. You'll have many opportunities to talk with attendees and session leaders.

Open source makes more sense than ever in today's cost-conscious climate. I hope you'll join us for five days of intensely practical exploration into the farthest realms of the expanding open source universe.

See you in San Diego.

--Tim O'Reilly

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