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O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention

July 17-20, 2000 in Monterey, California

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Parse::Vipar: An IDE for Writing Parsers
Speaker: Steve Fink
Track: Perl - Prototype ()
Date: 07/20/2000
Time: 10:45am - 11:15pm
Location: De Anza III

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Parse::Vipar is a graphical tool for developing, debugging, and understanding LALR parsers. It is integrated with Parse::Gen, a new Perl-only extended LALR parser generator (similar to Parse::Yapp) that can generate either standalone C or Perl parsers. This talk demonstrates the tool, using it to pinpoint shift/reduce and reduce/reduce conflicts, generate sample token streams that illustrate how the parser arrives at incorrect states, visually step forward and backward through parses to ease debugging, and show the "why" feature which uses Parse::Gen's complete LALR parser engine to explain why the parser performed a given action. Finally, Steve will display the perl5 grammar in Parse::Vipar and show how Parse::Gen can be used to generate perly c without relying on an outdated version of byacc and a set of diffs, as is currently done. This will make it easier to update and maintain Perl's own parser.

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