Conference At-A-Glance

  Canyon II Canyon III Canyon IV Canyon I Aster II Finger Rock I, II & III
Monday, January 28
  Canyon II Canyon III Canyon IV Canyon I Aster II Finger Rock I, II & III
7:00am Breakfast          
8:30am Parsing in Perl for Bioinformatics
Damian Conway
BLAST Programming
Thomas Madden
Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics
James Tisdall
Biology for Computer Professionals
Nathan Torkington; Cynthia Gibas; Lorrie LeJeune; Jennifer Weller
Perl and Bioperl: Tools for Automated Analysis of Biological Sequence Data
Peter Schattner, Ph.D.
12:00pm Lunch Break          
1:30pm Parsing in Perl for Bioinformatics (con't) Using NCBI Human Genome Resources
Donna Maglott
SOLD OUT: Perl and Bioperl: Tools for Automated Analysis of Biological Sequence Data
Peter Schattner, Ph.D.
Linux Clusters for Biologists 101: Building Clusters with ROCKS
Glen Otero
7:30pm   Bioinformatics Quiz Show
Nathan Torkington; Lorrie LeJeune
Tuesday, January 29
  Canyon II Canyon III Canyon IV Canyon I Aster II Finger Rock I, II & III
7:00am Breakfast          
8:30am Keynote: Open Source Bioinformatics
Ewan Birney
10:00am AM Break          
10:30am Optimal Algorithm Selection for Bioinformatics
Martin Gollery
IT Challenges in the Post-Genomic Era
Siamak Zadeh, Ph.D.
From SNP to Structure: A Tour Through the World of Bioinformatics
Sandra Porter; Linnea Fletcher, Ph.D.
Interactive Data Visualization and Exploration: Concepts, Techniques, Applications to Bioinformatics, and Future Prospects
John Hotchkiss
11:15am High-performance Proteomic Analysis: Challenges and Solutions
Peter St. Onge
UNIX-based Mac OS X as a Full-Featured Bioinformatics Development and Analysis Platform
Sean Fagan; Travis Brown
Bioinformatics in Education
Uwe Hilgert, Ph.D.
Genomic Data Visualization
Timothy Kunau
12:00pm Lunch Break          
1:00pm Keynote: Bioinformatics - Building a Nation from a Land of City States
Lincoln D. Stein
1:45pm Break          
2:15pm BioCORBA: Integrating Cross-Language Bioinformatics Solutions
Jason Stajich
Working With Computer Hardware Vendors
Daniel Joy
Synthesizing Information About the Evolutionary Relationships of All of Life: The Tree of Life Web Project and Related Phyloinformatics Efforts
David Maddison
AI Techniques for Microarray Data Analysis
Ben Goertzel
3:00pm Biopython
Andrew Dalke
The Future of Information Dissemination for Bioinformatics: How Can Publishers Add Value?
Nigel Fletcher-Jones; Lorrie LeJeune; Christopher Thorpe; Bernadette Toner
Tree of Life Web Project: Implementing an Open-source Database and Toolset for Sharing Phylogenetic and Other Biological Information via the Web
Travis Wheeler
3:45pm Break          
4:15pm Biopython (con't): Martel, Parsing and Bioformats
Andrew Dalke
Developing a Strategy for Commercializing Open Source Bioinformatics Tools
Tania Broveak Hide
Speedup at What Cost? An Evaluation of Heuristic vs. Complete Homology Search Techniques
Christopher Dwan
Panel: Academic Freedom Collides with the Bayh/Dole Amendment
Cynthia Gibas; Andrew Dalke; Michael J. Martin; Jennifer Weller
5:00pm J2EE Architecture for Informatics Support of Genomic Sequencing
Judith Cohn
Distributed Computing in the Life Sciences
Yury Rozenman
5:45pm       Exhibitor Reception: Networking on the Night Shift    
Wednesday, January 30
  Canyon II Canyon III Canyon IV Canyon I Aster II Finger Rock I, II & III
7:00am Breakfast          
8:30am Keynote: Integrating Gene Expression Data and Genome Sequence Data
Terry Gaasterland
10:30am Embedding of Data and Analysis Results Using the MDB Web API
Jesus Castagnetto
Bioinformatics.Org and Bioinformatics: Past, Present and Future
J. W. Bizzaro
A Framework for Sharing Web-distributed Bioinformatics Services
Doug Tidwell
Computing Strategies for the Interpretation of Mass Spectral Data for Proteomics Applications
William Gleason
11:15am Data Integration for Function Discovery
Keith Allen, Ph.D.
The Project Management System at Bioinfomatics.Org
Gary Van Domselaar
Building Production Grade Linux Clusters for Life Science Informatics
Chris Dagdigian
Cross Platform Data Acquisition and Biological Analysis in the Drug Discovery Process
Matthew Frome
12:00pm Lunch Break          
1:00pm Keynote: Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Some Assembly Required
Christopher Hogue, Ph.D.
1:45pm Break          
2:15pm Which Sequence Should I Target? The Advantages of an Integrated Platform in Structural Proteomics
Craig Kim, Ph.D.
DHTML and Scalable Vector Graphics in Bioinformatics
Malay Kumar Basu
A Distributed Computing Environment for High Throughput Genomics
Christopher Dwan
Panel: Open Data/Open Source
Annalee Newitz; Ewan Birney; Steven Brenner; Ann Loraine
3:00pm Using the NCBI C++ ToolKit in the Development of the BIND Database
Doron Betel
PyMOL & FreeMOL: Leveraging Molecular Visualization to Create an Open Biopharmaceutical Computing Environment
Warren L. DeLano
High Throughput Analysis in Model Organism Genomics: The Bulk Data Pipeline To Rat Genome Database
Dean Pasko
3:45pm Break          
4:15pm Functional Genomics: Integration of Experimental Results With Online Annotation Databases
Michael Caudy, Ph.D.; Lincoln D. Stein; James Tisdall
The ERATO Systems Biology Workbench Project: A Simplified Framework for Application Intercommunication
Michael Hucka, Ph.D.
ISYS: The Employment of Loose Coupling to Achieve Robust Integration Across Biological Research Areas
Damian Gessler
Requirements Analysis in Bioinformatics: Experiences in Communications between Computer and Life Scientists
Martina Stromvik
5:00pm   Bioinformatics Lightning Talks There and Back Again: A Journey through the Protein Folding
Howard Feldman
State of the Art in Integrative Bioinformatics
Shankar Subramaniam
  Poster Sessions
7:00pm Quantum Superpositions: Parallel Programming in Serial Languages
Damian Conway
Benjamin Franklin Award        
Thursday, January 31
  Canyon II Canyon III Canyon IV Canyon I Aster II Finger Rock I, II & III
7:00am Breakfast         Poster Sessions
8:30am Keynote: NCBI in the Genome Era
James Ostell, Ph.D.
10:30am An Introduction to Exploring Genomes and Mining Microarrays
Michael Deyholos
Update on I3C
Tim Clark
The Distributed Sequence Annotation System (DAS)
Lincoln D. Stein
Legal Issues Related to Bioinformatics
Dan Appelman
11:15am First Steps Toward a Computational Biology of Function: the Alpha Project.
Roger Brent
Krista Miller; Brian Gilman
G2G: A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Gene Expression Data
Jason Stewart
Use of Open Source Databases in Clinical Trials
Dennis Salguero; Karla Salguero
12:00pm Lunch Break          
1:00pm Keynote: Integrative Systems Biology: Genomics, Proteomics, and Computation
Leroy Hood, Ph.D.
1:45pm Break          
2:15pm Lightning Talks
R. Geoffrey Avery
Eric Neumann
3:00pm   Proteomics Workgroup        
3:45pm Town Hall Pathways & Ontologies Workgroup