Exhibit Hall Hours: May 14 and 15, 2002, 10am to 4 pm

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Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Systems, Inc. will be demonstrating Adobe® GoLive® 6.0, for Web and wireless authoring. GoLive now natively supports PHP, ASP, and JSP, and also includes SMIL authoring. Use emulators for Nokia and DoCoMo phones to visually emulate wireless content (WML, XHTML Basic, CHTML 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0).

BEA Systems, Inc. BEA Systems, Inc. is the world's leading application infrastructure software company, with more than 12,500 customers around the world leveraging the award-winning BEA WebLogic enterprise platform. BEA dev2dev delivers comprehensive resources for developers, including a developer portal, an integrated package of education and training, tools, support, and community programs aimed at developers of all levels of technical knowledge and experience. Visit www.bea.com or http://dev2dev.bea.com.

BioInform Newsletter Since 1997, bioinformatics professionals around the world have relied on the BioInform Newsletter for exclusive, up-to-the-minute coverage of trends in life sciences computing. These elite practitioners know there is no substitute for the behind-the-scenes reporting and expert analysis delivered every week in BioInform.

Endeavors Technology Endeavors Technology -- Endeavors Technology, a subsidiary of Tadpole Technology, markets peer-to-peer (P2P) secure web collaboration software called Magi Enterprise. Magi Enterprise effectively transforms unsecured, "read-only" Web networks into two-way trusted and transparent collaboration environments. It has features such as cross-firewall connections, advanced data extraction, a new intuitive graphical interface and universal name spaces generating "follow me URLs" for mobile professionals. Read about us in a recent article in Network World magazine.

Genome Technology Magazine Put your finger on the pulse of the new biology. Genome Technology Magazine is the only monthly magazine focused on the technology and business of genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Its readers are an elite audience of genomics scientists and technology professionals worldwide. Genome Technology takes you inside the minds, the methods, and the machines shaping the new biology.

GenomeWeb.com GenomeWeb.com has quickly become the leading source of genomics news for tens of thousands of life science professionals. With updates throughout the business day, GenomeWeb.com's team of expert journalists delivers high-value, forward-looking reports on the business and technology of genomics.

GridNode, Inc. GridNode provides businessware for B2B integration and collaboration to allow trading partners of any size to connect to their partners. Leveraging on P2P and webservices, GridNode's XML-based software complies with latest industry standards (such as RosettaNet, UDDI) and complements existing enterprise database systems (such as ERP, SCM and CRM).

Interface Dynamics

Interface Dynamics is today's premier modular communication software developer. Since 1998 it's creators have been developing some of the most flexible and stable networking applications around. Enter WuWu, a decentralized application that automatically seeks out and organizes its users, encrypts communications, and employs "modules" to enable any type of collaboration imaginable.

Jibe Jibe -- Jibe is a leading provider of Enterprise Peer-to-Peer solutions. Jibe develops Distributed Content Networks that enable companies to realize the tremendous cost and performance benefits of searching/sharing files and data peer-to-peer. Jibe features enterprise-class security, administrative controls, and hooks into leading enterprise information portals.

Linux Journal SSC Publications, publisher of Linux Journal, is an established leader in the Linux, Open Source and UNIX fields. Now celebrating its eighth year of publication, Linux Journal is the premier magazine of the Linux community. To learn more about LJ and other SSC resources visit Linux Journal online.

nDevia Networks nDevia Networks -- nDevia Networks, a division of Texar Corporation, is a enterprise collaboration software company enables users to leverage existing intellectual assets. nDevia Networks provides collaboration software that encourages timely sharing of resources in a safe and secure manner. Any resources, such as documents, images, and more may now be located and shared from anyone's desktop, allowing direct collaboration between users.

NextPage, Inc. NextPage P2P Content Networking gives users a unified view of information residing in multiple locations. With NextPage software, users connect distributed content together in a virtual repository and then access that content as if it existed in one location. NextPage has 150 customers including companies like KPMG, Travelers, and Citibank.

O'Reilly Network O'Reilly Network is the Online Resource for Open and Emerging Technologies. You trust O'Reilly to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. And you can trust O'Reilly Network to deepen your knowledge and technical skills. O'Reilly Network offers information beyond O'Reilly books, from thought-provoking articles to extensive, searchable resources. It's your essential technology site before and after conferences: www.oreillynet.com.

Ontonet Ontonet -- Ontonet’s R1 database provides the ideal infrastructure for operating at the network’s edge--the foundation for distributed, mobile computing. R1 is the world’s smallest footprint, highest performance, super-scalable database. From applications in handheld devices to personal workstations to server backends, R1 opens the door to the web’s ubiquity and diversity.

OSDN The Open Source Development Network. Inc., is the leading news, collaboration and distribution community for IT and Open Source development, implementation and innovation. OSDN is the home of several popular Web sites, including the award winning news discussion site Slashdot.org and the world's largest collaborative software development site, SourceForge.net.

ProTier ProTier is the premier provider of software which simplifies data center management and expands server capabilities. ProTier provides best-in-class software solutions to clients who want to extend the capabilities of their data centers. It is through our expertise that we have succeeded in assisting our clients in leveraging their IT resources in ways they never knew possible.

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