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Exhibit Hall Hours: May 14 and 15, 2002, 10am to 4 pm
Register for a Free Exhibit Hall-only pass.


Platinum Sponsors

Microsoft Microsoft -- The Microsoft .NET platform includes a comprehensive family of products, built on XML and Internet industry standards, which provide for each aspect of developing, managing, using, and experiencing XML Web services. The five areas where Microsoft is building the .NET platform today are: Tools, Servers, XML Web Services, Clients, and .NET Experiences.

Gold Sponsors

BEA Systems, Inc. BEA Systems, Inc. is the world's leading application infrastructure software company, with more than 12,500 customers around the world leveraging the award-winning BEA WebLogic enterprise platform. BEA dev2dev delivers comprehensive resources for developers, including a developer portal, an integrated package of education and training, tools, support, and community programs aimed at developers of all levels of technical knowledge and experience. Visit www.bea.com or http://dev2dev.bea.com.

HTCpro HTCpro offers multi-platform mobility consulting, services and products for the enterprise. As part of HTC, one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile sector, HTCpro brings deep engineering excellence and a tradition of innovation to the mobile opportunities organizations have before them today. Whether you're looking to align strategic business goals with mobile, completely revolutionize how your enterprise conducts business or build platforms that will serve complex, diverse needs from the business over the long term, HTCpro can help. HTCpro is dedicated to helping our clients gain a competitive edge in all things mobile. Get mobile. Fast.

Interface Dynamics

Interface Dynamics is today's premier modular communication software developer. Since 1998 it's creators have been developing some of the most flexible and stable networking applications around. Enter WuWu, a decentralized application that automatically seeks out and organizes its users, encrypts communications, and employs modules to enable any type of collaboration imaginable.

Internet Society The Internet Society (ISOC) is a non-profit, non-governmental, international, professional membership organization. Its more than 175 organization and 7,500 individual members in over 170 nations worldwide represent a who's who of the Internet community. The work of ISOC focuses on four pillars: standards, public policy, education and training, and membership.

Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of software for personal and business computing. Microsoft provides an integrated platform and suite of online services that enables a seamless experience for developers, consumers, and businesses across platforms, applications, and devices. From Silverlight to ASP.NET, Windows Server to SharePoint, Live Services to Internet Explorer, Microsoft is the only company with the full complement of technologies and solutions that can foster the next wave of innovation on the Web. Get ahead of your competition and grow your business on the Web by delivering new user experiences and capabilities that your customers demand.

Open Invention Network OIN is a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux. It does this by acquiring and licensing patents and through strategic programs such as Linux Defenders (www.linuxdefenders.org). OIN has amassed a broad portfolio of technology patents. Patents owned by OIN are available royalty-free to any entity that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System. OIN's license agreement can be found at www.openinventionnetwork.com/pat_license_agreement.php. OIN has considerable industry backing. It was launched in 2005 by IBM, NEC, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony, and has received supplemental financial support from Canonical.

X.commerce X.commerce harnesses the technologies of eBay, PayPal and Magento to create the first end-to-end multi-channel commerce technology platform. Our vision is to enable merchants of every size, service providers and developers to thrive in a marketplace where in-store, online, mobile and social selling are all mission critical to business success. Learn more at x.com.

Silver Sponsors

Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Systems, Inc. will be demonstrating AdobeŽ GoLiveŽ 6.0, for Web and wireless authoring. GoLive now natively supports PHP, ASP, and JSP, and also includes SMIL authoring. Use emulators for Nokia and DoCoMo phones to visually emulate wireless content (WML, XHTML Basic, CHTML 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0).

Black Duck Software Black Duck Software is the leading global provider of products and services for accelerating software development through the managed use of open source and third-party code. Black Duck ® enables companies to shorten time-to-market and reduce development and maintenance costs while mitigating the risks and challenges associated with open source reuse, including hidden license obligations, security vulnerabilities, unsupported open source and version proliferation. The company is headquartered near Boston and has offices in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, as well as distribution partners throughout the world. For more information, visit www.blackducksoftware.com.

BugSense BugSense is a real-time crash report tool that helps developers discover if their app has crashed and why. Mobile developers have to support an ever increasing number of different combinations of Android OS versions, devices and user settings, which can be a tedious or even impossible task. Mobile apps lack a centralized error log and BugSense is the solution. BugSense not only reports the error but also the context that the developers need in order to fix and improve their apps.

Dolby Surround Yourself with Quality. Next-Generation Audio for Your PC Dolby® provides a suite of technologies that work together to deliver a surround sound experience with crisp, clear audio to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Whether you're listening through headphones, built-in speakers, or a connected home theater, a more captivating entertainment experience can be yours anytime. To introduce this ground-breaking audio technology, Dolby® will be presenting live events in the Bay Area, where select audiences can experience and compare the sound quality for themselves.

Intel The Open Source Technology Center is at the heart of Intel's open source development efforts. Through measurable leadership in upstream contributions, project participation and maintenance, the Intel OTC helps shape the user experience across an array of products. MeeGo. Yocto Project. Linux Kernel. Less Watts. Linux Graphics. ConnMan. oFono. ACPICA. Android. Google Chrome. Mesa 3D Graphics Library. Cairo. Clutter. OpenSolaris. Xen. KVM.

Jibe Jibe -- Jibe is a leading provider of Enterprise Peer-to-Peer solutions. Jibe develops Distributed Content Networks that enable companies to realize the tremendous cost and performance benefits of searching/sharing files and data peer-to-peer. Jibe features enterprise-class security, administrative controls, and hooks into leading enterprise information portals.

Make magazine Make: Stop by our booth and chat MAKE:, CRAFT: and DIY projects with the Maker Media team.

Marvell Marvell-it's a new breed of semiconductor company. We are revolutionizing the consumer electronics world by providing a suite of low-power, high-performance silicon solutions that are powering the most popular consumer electronic devices today like eReaders, smartbooks, smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) tablets, new personal information appliances, and much more. Marvell now also offers a complete, fully integrated mobile solution from silicon to applications. Kinoma-an open-source software platform-is a flexible foundation for developers to create and deliver fast, simple user experiences on an unprecedented range of digital devices from handhelds to smart appliances and smart furnishings. www.marvell.com

Meshin Meshin, a project incubated inside Xerox PARC, grew from PARC's world-renowned semantic software application research. Meshin's team, with support from PARC researchers, have created a context-aware information services platform that links disparate information across communications streams, presenting users with a contextually unified, prioritized view that promotes rapid understanding and action.

MIPS Technologies MIPS Technologies is a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital home, networking and mobile applications. The MIPS architecture powers some of the world's most popular products, including the majority of DTVs and set-top boxes available today. Through our 'Android on MIPS' initiative, our customers have already brought to market set-top boxes, digital televisions, tablets, smartphones and other Android devices based on the MIPS architecture. Android development is a major focus for the company. Explore the career opportunities for Android kernel developers at MIPS. Meet MIPS' Android team and hiring managers. Sponsor's Gallery, Monday/Tuesday, October 10th/11th.

NextPage, Inc. NextPage P2P Content Networking gives users a unified view of information residing in multiple locations. With NextPage software, users connect distributed content together in a virtual repository and then access that content as if it existed in one location. NextPage has 150 customers including companies like KPMG, Travelers, and Citibank.

Media Sponsors

Android Headlines Androidheadlines.com is your one stop news site for your daily android news and anything related with announcements, rumors, reviews and expert analysis.Covering android smartphones, tablets, applications and more.

Android Police Android Police is one of the top Android destinations for news, hardware and software reviews, app and game discovery tools, opinions, tips, and tutorials. Android Police - looking after all things Android.

BioInform Newsletter Since 1997, bioinformatics professionals around the world have relied on the BioInform Newsletter for exclusive, up-to-the-minute coverage of trends in life sciences computing. These elite practitioners know there is no substitute for the behind-the-scenes reporting and expert analysis delivered every week in BioInform.

Genome Technology Magazine Put your finger on the pulse of the new biology. Genome Technology Magazine is the only monthly magazine focused on the technology and business of genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Its readers are an elite audience of genomics scientists and technology professionals worldwide. Genome Technology takes you inside the minds, the methods, and the machines shaping the new biology.

GenomeWeb.com GenomeWeb.com has quickly become the leading source of genomics news for tens of thousands of life science professionals. With updates throughout the business day, GenomeWeb.com's team of expert journalists delivers high-value, forward-looking reports on the business and technology of genomics.

IEEE Internet Computing IEEE Internet Computing is a bimonthly magazine about the engineering, science, and art of developing networks and networked applications. Through tutorials, columns, and peer-reviewed features, IC explores Internet-based applications and supporting technologies as well as the Internet's widening impact on engineering practice and society.

IEEE Pervasive Computing IEEE Pervasive Computing delivers the latest peer-reviewed developments in pervasive, mobile, and ubiquitous computing. The quarterly publication acts as a catalyst for progress in this emerging field by bringing together leading researchers and practitioners, such as hardware designers, wireless engineers, human-computer interaction specialists, and software agent developers.

INET 2002 INET 2002, the Internet Society's 12th annual INET conference, will be held June 18-21, 2002 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA, just five minutes from downtown Washington, D.C. This year's theme is Internet Crossroads: Where Technology and Policy Intersect. More information is available at http://www.inet2002.org.

Linux Journal SSC Publications, publisher of Linux Journal, is an established leader in the Linux, Open Source and UNIX fields. Now celebrating its eighth year of publication, Linux Journal is the premier magazine of the Linux community. To learn more about LJ and other SSC resources visit Linux Journal online.

Linux Journal Established in 1994, Linux Journal is the original monthly publication of the global Linux community, covering topics critical to intelligent implementation of the Linux operating system. Linux Journal is published by SSC Publishing, the leading Linux and Open Source authority, which has published reference materials in these fields since 1983.

Macromedia Macromedia is passionate about the web. Its award-winning products empower designers and developers to efficiently create and deliver the most engaging experiences on the web, and enable innovative Internet business applications. Headquartered in San Francisco, Macromedia is available on the Internet at www.macromedia.com.

O'Reilly Network O'Reilly Network is the Online Resource for Open and Emerging Technologies. You trust O'Reilly to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. And you can trust O'Reilly Network to deepen your knowledge and technical skills. O'Reilly Network offers information beyond O'Reilly books, from thought-provoking articles to extensive, searchable resources. It's your essential technology site before and after conferences: www.oreillynet.com.

ONJava.com ONJava.com is the independent source for open and emerging enterprise Java development. This O'Reilly Network site emphasizes cross-platform development and open P2P networking between servers, PCs and wireless devices. ONJava.com covers it all: EJB, JSP, Jini and Java design, Java with XML, Java security, wireless Java development and multimedia Java development.

OpenP2P.com OpenP2P.com, published by the O'Reilly Network, is a solutions-based resource for P2P developers. The site helps developers create P2P technology and helps managers and executives understand the directions that P2P is going, and how those directions will impact information services over the internet. openp2p.com provides insightful and provocative coverage of peer-to-peer technology, with a focus on open, interoperable solutions.

OSDN The Open Source Development Network. Inc., is the leading news, collaboration and distribution community for IT and Open Source development, implementation and innovation. OSDN is the home of several popular Web sites, including the award winning news discussion site Slashdot.org and the world's largest collaborative software development site, SourceForge.net.

Peertal.com Peertal.com, edited by Mat K Caughron, is a highly respected information portal that covers the emerging Peer-to-Peer technology space, and in particular focuses on the business and technology of distributed network systems. The site includes lively forums, surveys, an industry directory, related articles and events.

SysAdmin Sys Admin, the journal for Unix systems administrators satisfies the technical needs of Unix systems administrators working in heterogeneous computing environments. Coverage spans a wide range of technical topics crucial to systems administration in the enterprise. Articles provide practical, in-depth coverage of the administration of all major UNIX flavors including: Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64, BSD and Irix, within environments of all sizes.

Techie Buzz Techie Buzz is one of the leading technology in the world with a team of talented and experienced editors. At Techie Buzz we cover everything from mobiles to consumer electronic, software and more.

The Community Manager The Community Manager is the main source for all community management-related information, including the latest news, case studies and reports. Please visit TheCommunityManager.com for more information and follow us on Twitter at @TheCMgr.

Toolbox.com The online communities at Toolbox.com help professionals do their jobs better by enabling them to easily share knowledge with experienced peers. Through innovative marketing services, advertising partners become part of the conversation and engage professionals as they research, discuss, and influence purchasing decisions.

Ubergizmo Launched in 2004, Ubergizmo has quickly become one of the top consumer electronics websites in the US, delivering straightforward news and analysis of the electronics you love and the ones that you love to hate. Ubergizmo is a Webby Award Honoree, has been ranked as a Top100 Blog by PCMagazine, ranks Top100 in Nielsen's Blogpulse and Technorati. http://www.ubergizmo.com

UnixReview.Com UnixReview.Com web site is the only complete on-line resource for administrators, programmers, web developers and other UNIX professionals. This information center provides news, columns, reviews and in-depth features on all flavors of Unix, including: Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Irix, BSD, open source software and proprietary solutions.

Webgrrls Webgrrls International, is an online and offline networking organization of professional business women focused on propelling their careers and businesses forward. We focus on networking and connecting with others, leveraging and learning about technology, learning new skills and finding jobs, finding mentors and interns, and gaining access to support and information. For more information go to http://www.webgrrls.com

WirelessDeveloper.com WirelessDeveloper provides turn-key operation and management of wireless developer and partnering programs. The company acts as a relationship manager between the developer community and the wireless platform providers. WirelessDeveloper.com serves its community of 21,000 developers and suppliers with technical support, training, certification, software publishing, market development, venture capital funding, outsourcing, and more.

Women 2.0 Women 2.0 is committed to increasing the number of women entrepreneurs starting high growth ventures by providing the resources, network, and knowledge for the launch and growth of their company. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change, mobilizing a global community of ambitious women entrepreneurs seeking to advance the world through technology. Women 2.0 is headquartered in San Francisco. Support innovation.

XML.com XML.com, an affiliate of the O'Reilly Network, provides original, timely articles and useful resources from XML's leading edge. Featuring the in-depth technical expertise you expect from O'Reilly, XML.com will help you with all your XML projects, through extensive Resource and Buyer's Guides, Toolbox, FAQs, news, reviews, forums, and a weekly newsletter.

Sponsorship Information

If you are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the conference, telephone Andrew Calvo at 707-827-7176, or email andrewc@oreilly.com.

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