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Mac DevCenter

Our Environmental Commitment
O’Reilly Events Walk the Green Walk

Gone Green O'Reilly is committed to holding environmentally responsible events. We choose venues willing to partner with our Green efforts. Together we purchase recycled products as well as pay for additional staffing necessary to sort and manage the recycling of all materials related to our events.

What can you do to help make a difference? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and close the loop by purchasing recycled products. Here is a list of the Green products you’ll receive at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference:

  • Your pen is recycled--Plastics
    What is the importance of utilizing products made of recycled plastic? Plastic accounts for 20% (by volume) of the entire waste stream. According to the EPA, by the year 2000 the amount of plastic discarded in the US will increase nearly 50% from the amount discarded in the early 90’s. Not only is plastic consuming space in our landfills but it is also taking a huge bite out of our oil resources. In 1987 1billion barrels of oil went to produce plastic. Those two-liter soda bottles will outlast us and many, many generations to follow. Today we have the luxury of not seeing all the garbage we create, but will our children be as lucky?

  • Your T-shirt and bag are recycled--Cotton
    Cotton is 3% of the world’s crops, yet its cultivation consumes 26% of the world’s total tonnage of pesticides. Approximately 5.4% pounds of chemicals are sprayed yearly on an acre of cotton. These toxic chemicals can be avoided by recycling the cotton byproduct otherwise wasted during production. We use only low impact dyes and use no formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, optical brighteners, resins, glues, or binders. Up to 40% of cotton is wasted between the harvesting and manufacturing of garments. Much of this waste becomes solid waste in our ever-expanding landfills.

  • Your pad of paper is 100% recycled paper--Trees
    Saving them means keeping oxygen and reducing the threat of global warming.

  • Other ways we save--Lunch boxes, napkins, recycling teams
    Whenever possible, we choose a venue willing to partner with our Green commitment. Together we purchase recycled paper boxes for our box lunch meals, recycled napkins for food functions, serve stainless flatware and glass bar ware instead of plastics. We also pay for additional staffing necessary to sort and manage the recycling of all materials related to our events.

We here at O’Reilly are using our events to make a difference. We are committed to completing the cycle of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” by purchasing recycled products, for your family and ours.

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