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Conference Sessions and Events in iCal on Mac OS X

Here's how to subscribe to conference information via iCal.

Just fire up iCal, go to the Calendar menu and choose Subscribe. For the URL, enter http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2003/os2003.ics -- you can accept the default values for other fields, though you may want to ask it to refresh less often (schedule changes to the conference will be infrequent, so there's really no need to have it update more often than every couple of hours or so).

The times are local time for the conference -- Pacific Time. If you're in another time zone, the times will adjust accordingly. So a session that starts at 9:00 AM Pacific Time would appear as an 11:00 AM event to someone who's clock is set to Eastern Time.

You may want to adjust your iCal views a bit -- in the default interface, it can be difficult to work with time slots that hold several sessions. Turning the "show search results" panel may help, as you'll be able to see (and select) the sessions as a list. And the "show info" option will let you change the default color or refresh interval for the calendar itself. You can use the info panel to show more details about each session. There's more detailed information about sessions if you go to the "Notes" icon at the upper right corner of the info panel.

Screen shot.
Using "Show info" and "Show search results" (circled in red, near the bottom here) can be helpful -- and more details are available in the info panel by going to the "notes" section using the icon in the upper right corner (also circled in red).

Enjoy! If you have questions or difficulties with the calendar, send email to .

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