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We're excited to invite you to the second annual
O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
Tim O'Reilly

Rael Dornfest

Derrick Story

One thing Apple does especially well is to realize the potential in a technology, and to frame it in such a way that people discover that they need it. They have a great sense of where technology is going and how to make getting there more fun. We've seen "alpha geeks" and other lead users from a wide swath of backgrounds flock to Mac OS X.

Just a year ago, Jaguar transformed Mac OS X from a promising OS to a killer platform. Now Panther has been announced. Apple's refinements with the latest version of its Unix-based OS increase its effectiveness in areas of user interface design, security, bundled applications, cross-platform file sharing, networking, and developer tools. And Apple does a great job of moving the game forward.

A great example of Apple's current market leadership is their realization that productivity applications" now mean applications for managing personal digital assets (music, photos, and videos), while the rest of the industry remained stuck in the 80's definition of office productivity. Their iLife suite is shaping up to be the Microsoft Office of the 00's.

Rendezvous is another example. A lot of companies have been working on plug and play ad-hoc networking for years, but Apple is the first company to get it right. They made something that everyone thought was hard suddenly look easy. Now that Rendezvous is integrated into iTunes, we're already seeing how it's changing the way we listen to music together around the office. And Rendezvous with iChat create a whole new conferencing capability that's easy to set up and powerful in use. Combined with the iSight FireWire input device, collaboration now includes fast file transfer, text, audio, and even video. As we begin to apply these tools to other Macintosh technologies, such as Safari, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

And of course, for those of us from Unix backgrounds, the sweet combination of developer tools and graphical ease of use is an incredibly winning combination.

This year's O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference does its best to capture the boldness of Mac OS X. Our conference program is based on the technologies that we know are important to working developers, script writers, sys admins, programmers, and power users. You'll be able to get your hands dirty with network security, Cocoa, Java, Rendezvous, Quartz, AirPort Extreme, workflow management, Unix administration, and much more. We'll explore Panther, master its strengths, and learn how to overcome its weaknesses.

Like the authors of our Mac books, our conference speakers live day and night with Mac OS X. And through this conference they'll be able to share their hacks, workarounds, and discoveries with you. Take a look at the conference program and pick out the sessions that will help you work faster and smarter. Show them to your boss and make clear that this is a conference that you need to attend. And if you're the boss, we hope you'll bring a few of your key developers and administrators with you to Santa Clara this October.

Tim O'Reilly
Founder & President
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Rael Dornfest
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc,
Conference Program Co-Chair

Derrick Story
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc,
Conference Program Co-Chair


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