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Test the waters of a new app. Learn what lead Mac users predict will be the next step in the Mac OS X evolution. Get a fresh perspective on familiar technical territory. Five distinct tracks let you pick and choose sessions that fit your particular learning curve. Tightly-focused sessions dispense cutting-edge information, solve knotty problems, present case studies, and help you connect with like-minded Mac folks.

Conference At-a-Glance

Day At-A-Glance Overviews

Sessions by Track

  • Emerging Topics
    With a wide array of rich development tools and a corps of creative developers, the Mac platform is poised to stay at the forefront of innovation. At this conference you'll see where the Mac is headed in areas such as Web services, Rendezvous networking, UI design, and application development.
  • Media and Publishing
    The challenge of moving large chunks of information from one production phase to the next can make even the most experience sys admin cringe with anxiety. Not only will you find out how to optimize production flow within your department, you'll see how to create and stream content to customers using the latest Apple technologies.
  • Programming
    Cocoa, Java, and Quartz reign supreme for Mac OS X. But how do you mesh your particular development needs with these technologies? And how to you push their boundaries to create exciting new applications? These topics are traditional O'Reilly strengths, and this conference will provide you with plenty of programming muscle that you can flex on the Mac platform.
  • Scripting
    Mac OS X is exceedingly scriptable. Not only does AppleScript permeate every corner of the OS and its bundled applications, but Perl, Python, Ruby, and others are additional time-saving options that you can integrate into your workflow. You'll be able to see firsthand how the various scripting approaches work with the Mac platform, and choose which solutions are best for your situation.
  • Sys Admin and Networking
    The Unix engine that powers Mac OS X combined with a wide array of open source tools have elevated the Mac to a full-fledged citizen behind the firewall. Take this opportunity to explore sessions that focus on backup strategies, Active Directory integration, and how to deploy the Mac in the enterprise.
  • Products & Services

Please Note: Program content subject to change.

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