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Don’t Miss the 6th Annual Open Source Convention

Tim O'Reilly

Nat Torkington

War, economics, and character! No, it’s not the November elections, we’re talking about this year’s O’Reilly Open Source Convention lineup. War in Iraq? What about the war in the 3rd Judicial District of Salt Lake County, where an entirely different allied coalition is attempting to overthrow a belligerent aggressor? We don’t study the GDP, we ask questions about ROI for Linux adoption. Join us at this year’s OSCON, where you won’t find former presidents or TV blowhards, just open source personalities like Mitchell Kapor, Eric Raymond, Guido van Rossum, and Theodore Ts’o.

Whether you view the SCO lawsuit as a legitimate defense of IP or a last-ditch abandonment of competition in the marketplace for an all-or-nothing courtroom Hail Mary with Microsoft in the shadows calling the shots, you can’t deny that it has changed the way developers and businesses behave. To thoroughly air both sides of the legal issues surrounding the SCO Linux case, OSCON ‘04 features a moot court organized by UC Berkeley law professor Pam Samuelson and Groklaw founder Pamela Jones.

Open source mindshare is gained and lost not by legal battles, though, but by technical and economic decisions by developers, administrators, and their managers. “What’s the ROI if we move to Linux?” “Can I do this project in PHP?” “Is Mono stable enough for our next project?” Stay on top of the issues and technology with sessions and tutorials like “The Business Advantage of Open Source” by Russ Pavlicek, “High Performance PHP” by George Schlossnagle, and “Mono 1.0” by Miguel de Icaza.

Keep up with the rapid progress of MySQL with David Axmark’s “MySQL New Features Workshop,” or learn how to migrate from PHP 4 to PHP 5 in Adam Trachtenberg’s “PHP 5 Bootcamp for PHP 4 Programmers” tutorial. For Python programmers, we cover Plone, Iron Python, and have Guido to discuss the latest Python core changes. Continue tracking Perl 6’s progress with sessions by Larry Wall, Allison Randal, Damian Conway, and Dan Sugalski. Don’t miss Damian’s new tutorial, “Practical Parsing with Perl6::Rules,” where you’ll learn to use Perl 6’s new parsing techniques in Perl 5 programs. System administrators, regain control of your lives with Tom Limoncelli’s “Time Management for System Administrators.”

Our new Security track features an especially fun and enlightening tutorial, “Hands on Hacking.” Other subjects include data warehousing on open source software, and a timely session, “Credibility of Election Software.”

OSCON 2004 starts each day right with a healthy serving of keynotes: Freeman, Esther, and George Dyson explore the open source characteristics of diversity; Robert Lefkowitz does the semasiology of open source; Milton Ngan wraps up his LOTR keynote trilogy; Novell’s Vice Chairman Chris Stone talks about making open source a mainstream reality; and Bdale Garbee, Linux CTO of HP, delves into the continuing importance of community development.

Finally, this year’s special events will be, well, really special. On Tuesday, it’s Larry Wall’s “State of the Onion,” Paul Graham, of Hackers & Painters, and the return of Jon Orwant’s Internet Quiz Show. NASA’s Jeff Norris shares how open source software played a major role in operating the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers, with lots of great pictures and anecdotes. We’ll also repeat the popular open house at the inimitable Powell’s Books, take a trip to the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, and throw a getting-to-know-you reception to boot.

See you there!

Tim O'Reilly
Founder & President
O'Reilly & Associates

Nathan Torkington
Program Chair, Open Source Convention
O'Reilly & Associates


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