Web 2.0 Conference.
 Octover 5-7, 2004, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA.

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Recently Added Sessions and Workshops to Be Led By Industry Innovators and Influencers

San Francisco – September 1, 2004 – MediaLive International, Inc. and O’Reilly Media, Inc. today jointly announced program additions to the Web 2.0 Conference, the first-ever second generation Internet business conference that brings together the leading Internet industry figures and companies to discuss and debate the most important issues and strategies driving the Internet economy. The Web 2.0 Conference will take place October 5-7, 2004 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

Web 2.0 Conference program segments will include keynote-level talks and relaxed dinner conversations with industry luminaries such as Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com; Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon; Mark Cuban, CEO, HDNet and owner, Dallas Mavericks; John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers; and Jerry Yang, Yahoo! Co-founder. Web 2.0 sessions and workshops will feature special seminars moderated by experts who will demonstrate how the Web’s leading businesses such as Amazon, eBay and Google have gained extraordinary success by leveraging Web development in their own business practices. Web 2.0 will also include participation from industry figures such as Marc Andreessen, Chairman and Co-founder, Opsware; Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley; Mitch Kapor, Founder, OSAF; and Lisa Gansky, President, Co-founder and Chairman, Ofoto.

“We’ve invited the leaders and innovators of the Internet industry to join together and discuss the next generation of the Web,” said John Battelle, Web 2.0 Conference Program Chair. “The response we’ve received from these influencers, as well as from sponsors and attendees is a perfect example of how the Web 2.0 Conference will be the definitive event to preview the future of the Web.”

After one full day of in-depth workshops, Program Chair John Battelle and O'Reilly Media, Inc. CEO Tim O'Reilly will kick off two days of sessions, led by more than 50 innovators and entrepreneurs presenting the most interesting and challenging new approaches to Internet business in an intimate, focused format that encourages a high level of audience participation.

The Web 2.0 Conference program will also include more than a dozen extraordinary thinkers and business leaders who will present “High Order Bits”—10 minute stand-and-deliver presentations on the theme of the Web 2.0 Conference, “The Web as Platform.” A sample of the High Order Bits include Craig Newmark, Founder, craigslist, and Jim Buckmaster, President and CEO, craigslist on “Getting to a Billion Pages a Month Without Being Evil,” Brewster Kahle Founder, Internet Archive and Co-founder, Alexa Internet, on “Are We Inventing the Right Thing?,” and Gian M. Fulgoni, Chairman and Co-founder, comScore Networks, on “Internet Metrics: Behind the Veil.”

Other High Order Bit presenters include:

  • James P. Currier, CEO, Tickle, Inc.
  • Cory Doctorow, Author and co-editor, Boing Boing
  • Dale Dougherty, VP, Online Publishing and Research, O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • Bill Gross, CEO, IdeaLab
  • Bill Gurley, Venture Capitalist
  • Mitch Kapor, Founder, OSAF
  • Joe Kraus, Internet entrepreneur and Co-founder, Digitalconsumer.org
  • Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford University and author, Free Culture
  • Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley
  • David Sifry, Founder & CTO, Technorati, Inc.

    The complete list of sessions and speakers at the Web 2.0 Conference is as follows:

    Lessons Learned, Future Predicted
    This all-star lineup featuring Marc Andreessen, Chairman and Co-founder, Opsware; Kim Polese, Founder, Marimba; Dan Rosensweig, COO, Yahoo; and Jake Winebaum, Founder and CEO, Business.com will address what these Web 1.0 entrepreneurs have learned the first time, and what’s different in the Web 2.0 environment.

    Is This a Bubble Yet?
    Leading analysts Lanny Baker, Managing Director of the Equity Research department of Smith Barney and Safa Rashtchy, Managing Director and senior research analyst, Piper Jaffray join top financier Bill Janeway, Vice Chairman, Warburg Pincus, and Danny Rimer, Partner, Index Ventures to address the state of the Internet’s finances.

    The Mobile Platform
    Mobile expert Rael Dornfest discusses the state of the mobile Web with innovators from Apple, Trip Hawkins, Founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate and Jory Bell, Founder, OQO.

    Music is a Platform
    This session will explore how the platform Web is effecting the music business, and how music as a killer application for the Web and beyond - phone, PDA, player - drives tech adoption. Speakers include Hank Barry, partner, Hummer Winblad; Eddy Cue, VP of Applications and Internet Services, Apple; Michael Weiss, Founder, StreamCast; and Danger Mouse, music artist.

    Geolocation: The Killer Map
    This session will feature geolocation, a service that opens up new business and service opportunities, and has been described as the killer application of the Web. John Hanke, CEO of Keyhole and other guests will be featured.

    Search is a Platform
    Pioneers and leaders in the search business reflect on the present and future of the search platform. Session participants include Udi Manber, CEO, A9; Steve Berkowitz, CEO and Director, Ask Jeeves; Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP of the MSN Information Services & Merchant Platform Division, Microsoft; Louis Monier, Director of Advanced Technologies, eBay; and Jeff Weiner, Senior VP, Yahoo!

    The Telephone is a Platform
    This panel of experts will make sense of the historic – and increasingly robust – telephony platform, and how it has become a primary data platform for much of the world. Participants will include Jeffrey A. Citron, Chairman and CEO, Vonage; Charlie E. Hoffman, President and CEO, Covad Communications; and Mike McCue, CEO, Tellme.

    From the Labs
    This session will feature innovators such as Dr. Robert Morris, Director, Almaden Research, IBM; Richard F. Rashid, Ph.D., Director of Worldwide Operations, Microsoft Research; and Peter Norvig, Director of Search Quality, Google to speak on some of the most intriguing new developments in the industry.

    The Architecture of Participation
    A panel of innovators in the blogging, photography, and retail business discuss the roles of new communication tools like blogs, RSS, and social networks. Featured speakers include Lisa Gansky, President, Co-founder and Chairman, Ofoto; Andrew Anker, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Six Apart; Brian Behlendorf, Founder, CollabNet; and Allan Vermeulen, CTO and VP of Web Services, Amazon Services, Inc.

    Your Business Needs Developers!
    In this session, leading developers and business evangelists such as Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect, Macromedia; John McKinley, CTO, America Online, Inc.; Halsey Minor CEO, Grand Central; and Adam Bosworth, VP of Engineering, Google discuss how to build a strong developer network, and debate the very definition of “developer” in a Web 2.0 world and how these entrepreneurs are building a business on top of Web APIs.

    Media is a Platform
    Panelists in this session will discuss how media is slowly but surely evolving into new forms and formats, addressing new publishing models emerging on the Web and how media can be used as a platform to leverage them. Participants include Martin Nisenholtz, CEO, New York Times Digital; Shelby Bonnie, Chairman and CEO of CNET Networks, Inc.; George Conrades, Chairman and CEO, Akamai Technologies; and Michael Ramsay, CEO, TiVo.

    In addition, Web 2.0 workshops will address open questions and explore the latest developments in each subject. Each workshop will be led by a moderator with expertise in the workshop topic. The list of workshops and moderators is as follows:

    RSS: Syndication Strategies and Business Models
    Dick Costolo, CEO, Feedburner

    Journalism 2005: A New Era for Newsmakers
    Dan Gillmor, Columnist, San Jose Mercury News

    Design for Web 2.0 Business
    Jeff Veen, Partner, Adaptive Path and Jason Kottke, kottke.org

    Consumer IS The King: Going Direct To Consumer For Revenues
    Rafat Ali, Editor/Publisher, Paid Content

    Emerging Democracy: Everyone loves API's
    Zack Rosen, Co-Founder and Director, CivicSpace Labs

    Lightweight Business Models
    Marc Canter, CEO, Broadband Mechanics and Jason Fried, 37signals

    Wikis and Social Networks
    Ross Mayfield, CEO, Social Text

    eBay for Businessfolk
    Speaker to be named

    The Web OS
    Stewart Butterfield, President, Ludicorp

    MediaLive International and O’Reilly Media will be partnering to produce this event. O’Reilly Media is the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. MediaLive International, Inc. produces the world’s top technology events, including COMDEX®, NetWorldSM+Interop®, Seybold Seminars and many other major expositions, conferences, and custom events.

    For more information about Web 2.0 Conference visit www.web2con.com.

    About Web 2.0 Conference
    Web 2.0 Conference is an exclusive thought-leader gathering focusing on emerging technologies and innovation on the Web. This conference brings together the brightest minds and broadest thinkers in the space, each of which shares the belief that the Web has emerged as a solid business platform. The event explains what the current landscape looks like, what is on the horizon and why this information matters to the “business geek.” It crosses a variety of industries and will be a meeting ground for the influencers that share the common outlook that the Internet offers extraordinary opportunities for innovation in products, services and business models. Web 2.0 Conference will take place October 5-7, 2004 at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, and will be produced by MediaLive International, Inc. and O’Reilly Media, Inc.

    About MediaLive International, Inc.
    MediaLive International is a media and marketing company that drives the advancement of technology in business. MediaLive International’s products and services encompass the IT industry’s largest exhibitions, including COMDEX® and NetWorldSM+Interop®, such highly focused educational programs as Next Generation Networks®, custom seminars and proprietary events managed by our Studios division, respected publications including Business Communications Review, and specialized vendor marketing programs. MediaLive International is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, with offices throughout the world. For more information about MediaLive International, visit www.medialiveinternational.com.

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