O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference 2004.
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Test the waters of a new app. Learn what lead Mac users predict will be the next step in the Mac OS X evolution. Get a fresh perspective on familiar technical territory. Five distinct tracks let you pick and choose sessions that fit your particular learning curve. Tightly-focused sessions dispense cutting-edge information, solve knotty problems, present case studies, and help you connect with like-minded Mac folks.

Conference At-a-Glance

Day At-A-Glance Overviews

Sessions by Track

  • Programming & Scripting
    These sessions are for the specialists who work with the very heart of Mac OS X. You'll explore Darwin, refine your Cocoa programming, and learn about APIs from those who have mastered them. We'll also investigate Java's integration with the platform and see how to leverage scripting for both development and production.

  • System Administration
    The Mac OS X platform offers system administrators time-tested Unix tools and easy-to-implement GUI utilities. But how do you pick the best for mixed environments that include other Unix and/or Windows clients? Even all Mac networks can be challenging if not configured correctly. Our faculty of seasoned professionals who practice daily what they preach will help you design and maintain systems that require less troubleshooting and increase productivity.

  • Digital Audio
    Apple has certainly invigorated the digital music market. In turn, new opportunities are opening up for skilled developers and administrators to help create, produce, and distribute this rich content. Our digital audio track will show you how this content is created, then push you to contemplate new applications for it. You'll have a chance to work with true techno artists and learn their secrets. By the end of the conference you just might look at your existing skills in a whole new light.

  • Insanely Great Mac
    To qualify, these sessions must first and foremost be cool. Ever wonder how to build your own television studio, automate your home, or create your own software business? The Insanely Great Mac Track embodies what we love about this platform. Spend a few hours with these innovative minds and you'll see that you can do almost anything with a Mac.

Please Note: Program content subject to change.

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