O'Reilly Open Source Convention - August 1-5, 2005 - Portland, Oregon
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These tutorials provide a forum for collaborative learning, exploratory participation, and the first-hand opportunity to experience the power of open source software.

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Tutorials by Track

  • Apache
    Free, rock-solid, and versatile, Apache is far and away the most widely used web server platform in the world, running more than half of the world's existing web sites. There's plenty of content for existing Apache users, including performance tuning, security, and Apache Software Foundation projects such as mod_perl, WebDAV, and others.

  • Databases
    Open source RDBMSs are rolling roughshod over the over-priced commercial giants, appearing everywhere from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. We cover the biggest and best, from MySQL and PostgreSQL to Ingres and Firebird. You'll learn essential techniques and advanced tips from the people who built those systems.

  • Emerging Topics
    The Emerging Topics track is where the most promising projects, proposals, and controversies are parsed. Expect everything from governmental and intellectual property issues to licensing to programming and distributed collaborative development, by way of business models and case studies.

  • Java
    This year's Java track focuses on the practical, giving you the tools you need to get the job done with this hardworking, platform-independent language. Our program features such topics as Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry, Eclipse and two tutorials that help you put together various Open Source offerings into scalable full featured web applications. Don't miss the session previewing where Java is heading or the one on the state of Open Source Java implementations.

  • Linux
    We've got something for every Linux user, whether the classic Jolt-fuelled midnight hacker or the steely-eyed enterprise bean counter. In the Linux Track, you'll gain insight into the creation, use, and future direction of Linux and its killer apps, from kernel to office suites and multimedia to AJAX and OpenSolaris.

  • Perl Conference 9
    The Perl track covers the latest trends and developments in Perl, including Perl 5 and Perl 6, from databases, mod_perl, high-traffic search engines, Unicode, and parsing Perl with Perl, to the implementation of the Perl 6 compiler. Learn about the Pugs prototype!! Don't miss the chance to meet Perl greats such as Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Allison Randal, Nicholas Clark, Rafael Garcia-Suarez, Mark-Jason Dominus, and Randal Schwartz.

  • PHP Conference 5
    Simple yet powerful, PHP is one of the leading open source development languages for creating dynamic web content. OSCON sessions focus on PHP 5, security, large-scale application development, and best practices. The best of the best are here, including Rasmus Lerdorf, Andi Gutmans, David Sklar, George Schlossnagle, Adam Trachtenberg, and Chris Shiflett.

  • Python
    Python has evolved from an emerging language to a widely accepted tool that traditional programmers use for real day-to-day development tasks on a number of different platforms. Python creator Guido van Rossum and other Python experts explore the latest developments from the worlds of Python and Zope, including Plone and IronPython.

  • Ruby
    In Ruby, where classes are objects, metaclasses are classes, and any object can have its own singleton class, the general object model is deeper, and stranger, than it first appears. Learn to use all of Rubys meta-programming capabilities to write dynamic and flexible programs and to code past the conventional OO idioms. Don't miss the hot new web application framework, Ruby on Rails.

  • Security
    Ignore application, network, and data security at your own risk. From Linux network intrusion detection systems to PHP application security and SPAM filtering, we've got the essentials you need to lock down your systems.

  • XML
    The XML track examines ways to use XML in and with open source environments. Participants will learn both how to use open source and standardized tools for processing XML and ways that XML has become a part of many open source projects. Whether you want to use XML to connect programs or people, you'll find information in this track on the technologies you need.

Please Note: Program content subject to change.

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