Open Source Business Review
Wednesday and Thursday, August 3 - 4

Why Attend

The Open Source Business Review (OSBR) is a two day premium conference focused on the needs of enterprise executives (CXO) and IT managers. OSBR will assemble open source luminaries to highlight how open source is changing IT in the enterprise, and demonstrate how open source is deployed successfully within their organizations.

Open source represents great potential for IT departments, from greater ROI to vendor leverage and an end to lock-in. But with the potential comes open questions around calculating ROI, skill-building, governance, and architecture. OSBR encompasses:

Conference topics include

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About the Open Source Business Review

OSBR is co-chaired by Nat Torkington and Dan Woods. Nat Torkington is the OSCON Program Chair. Dan Woods is Editor and CTO of Evolved Media Network and author of Open Source for the Enterprise to be published by O'Reilly Media in 2005.