O'Reilly Open Source Convention - August 1-5, 2005 - Portland, Oregon
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Open Source Business Review
Wednesday and Thursday, August 3 - 4

Why Attend

The Open Source Business Review (OSBR) is a two day premium conference focused on the needs of enterprise executives (CXO) and IT managers. OSBR will assemble open source luminaries to highlight how open source is changing IT in the enterprise, and demonstrate how open source is deployed successfully within their organizations.

Open source represents great potential for IT departments, from greater ROI to vendor leverage and an end to lock-in. But with the potential comes open questions around calculating ROI, skill-building, governance, and architecture. OSBR encompasses:

  • Sessions led by more than 20 thought leaders and seasoned IT professionals

  • Panel format with guaranteed Q&A time: get your question answered

  • Exploration of the management and governance issues around the growth of open source infrastructure and applications in the IT landscape

  • Real-world case studies, rapid-fire presentations on pioneering open source projects, and innovative speakers from the leading open source projects

  • The future of technology and IT organizations and what typical IT departments, software vendors, and open source projects will look like five and ten years down the road

  • The open source infrastructure and applications that are becoming a regular part of the IT landscape

  • OSBR builds on OSCON's reputation for high quality sessions and provides content for both early open source adopters and those new to the world of open source technologies.

Conference topics include

  • Open Source Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: pitfalls, benefits, and best practices.

  • Is Enterprise Software Dead?: will open source replace enterprise software? How will they coexist, if at all, in the future?

  • Evaluating the Risk and Maturity of Open Source Software: how to gauge the dangers and benefits of open source software, when most proprietary software evaluation methodologies do not work

  • Most Common Errors in Open Source Adoption: learn from those who sacrificed themselves to the bleeding edge.

  • Commercial Software Reborn as Open Source: Learn when it makes sense and when it's the last gasp of a tar-mired dinosaur.

  • Open Source Skill Building: find the best strategy for getting open source skills into your team as quickly as possible.

Click here for a complete list of OSBR sessions.

About the Open Source Business Review

OSBR is co-chaired by Nat Torkington and Dan Woods. Nat Torkington is the OSCON Program Chair. Dan Woods is Editor and CTO of Evolved Media Network and author of Open Source for the Enterprise to be published by O'Reilly Media in 2005.

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