O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference - June 29-30, 2005 - San Francisco, CA
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Why attend?

Maps and location sensors are bringing new classes of applications to the masses. What was formerly the domain of the GIS and geospatial industries, with expensive products and powerful but painful user-interfaces, is now within the reach of the programmers who build web applications and develop Internet and Enterprise applications.

O'Reilly Media specializes in finding trends ahead of the curve. From open source to P2P, web services, and online democracy, we've identified the next wave of innovation before it hit. Early adopters and brilliant programmers have begun producing innovative applications based on the reverse-engineering and rough tool sets. At Where 2.0 we'll show the next generation of tools and services for building these applications--the infrastructure for the Where 2.0 applications to come.

Key Takeaways

We want attendees to come away with their own personal mixture of these four thoughts:

  • "Wow, I didn't know you could do that"
  • "I see how I can use that in my business"
  • "I know who's who in the space"
  • "I know what features to build into my applications to make them stick"

If you're new to Location Based Services, we hope to fuel your imagination and arm you with the services you'll use to build the apps you dream of. From Zip Cars, an innovative take on public transportation, to defense contractors building a Flickr for satellites, we'll show you lots of "wow". We'll also be pointing to the best-in-breed infrastructure for you to build your applications on, from the latest incarnation of Google Maps to the free Microsoft MapPoint service.

Come and meet the developers who are at the front of the new geospatial push. Learn what's worked and what's failed with this dark matter of the programming universe--benefit from the experiences of the rest of the IT world.


Where 2.0 is a single-track event, without breakout sessions. We feel every talk is important, every lesson worth learning, every speaker worth hearing. Plenary sessions, panel discussions, case studies, on-stage conversations, and High Order Bits from early adopters and industry leaders cover topics such as:

  • A who's who of this marketplace
  • uLocate's experiences taking their product from running on several PCs to partnerships with telcos and branded resellers
  • An overview of open source tools for map and location hacking
  • A panel discussion of the features and futures of local search with Yahoo!, MSN, A9, and others
  • An exploration of the problems needing solutions: business models for open data, privacy and location, obstacles in the mobile platform
  • A panel discussion of the best way to acquire new skills in this area, featuring enterprise, developer, and open source technology suppliers
  • the Where Fair, a fun and informative way to see the latest research projects

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