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Publicity Opportunities and Benefits at Web 2.0 Conference

The Web 2.0 Conference PR staff has created several PR opportunities to help maximize your exposure at Web 2.0, and can also provide you with PR counsel and strategy, as well as a list of pre-registered media and analysts who will be attending the event. All of these services are included at no charge with Web 2.0 Conference sponsorship.

Consider the various ways that Web 2.0 Conference sponsors can leverage the event to drive your company's PR goals:

PR Strategy and Counsel

The Web 2.0 PR team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have regarding your PR outreach strategy before or during the event, including tips on contacting press and analysts, as well as PR advice based on industry events and topics at Web 2.0 that will be of interest to your company.

Access to Influential Industry Media at the Web 2.0 Conference

Contact information for all press, analysts and bloggers who will be attending Web 2.0 will be available only for sponsors. This information will be sent on a weekly basis beginning September 12, giving sponsors the opportunity to set up on-site interviews and meetings prior to the event. A final press attendee list sent the week after the conclusion of Web 2.0. To request the Web 2.0 press list, contact Suzanne Axtell, Web 2.0 Publicist at Suzanne@oreilly.com.

Press, analyst, and blogger attendance will be limited to the industry’s top influencers from publications and analyst firms. The press list will grow in the weeks before Web 2.0 Conference, as many press prefer to register at the last minute. Each press and analyst application is carefully screened to ensure that only the most qualified media with the most relevance to your company and the Internet industry attend Web 2.0 Conference.

Publicity for your Announcement of a New Product or Service at Web 2.0

Web 2.0 offers an amazing audience to target for your company's announcement. Making an announcement at Web 2.0 is a great way to connect with a diverse Internet industry audience. Attendees will include a blend of entrepreneurial innovators in the Internet economy space along with technologists, financiers, analysts and senior-level executives at large companies.

Inclusion in Web 2.0 Press Release

With the high caliber of press, analysts and bloggers in attendance at Web 2.0, we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity by making an announcement or launching a product at the Web 2.0 Conference. We can help you increase the exposure through communication to the press and with a September 26 press release detailing all sponsor announcements taking place during Web 2.0. To be included in this press release, submit your company’s announcement or news to Ben Stricker, Web 2.0 PR Manager, at . The deadline for participation is September 19, 2005. This information will also appear in the Web 2.0 Conference program guide, available to all event attendees onsite beginning October 5. If you would prefer to have us promote your company's announcement, but not release specific details of this announcement, we can also accommodate you.

This information will also appear in the Web 2.0 program guide addendum, available to all Web 2.0 attendees.

The 2004 Web 2.0 Conference featured announcements by eBay, Google, Laszlo Systems, Morpheus, NetSuite, PayPal, Sxip, and “gave birth” to companies such as JotSpot, Rojo, Snap, and SpikeSource.

Web 2.0 Conference Executive Quote for your Release

If you'd like to add a quote from our Conference Chair, John Battelle, for your release, send your release to Ben Stricker ( ) and suggested quote for approval.

Meeting Room for Press Briefings

Limited meeting space at Web 2.0 will be available for your press and analyst briefings during the Conference. Once you've arranged your meetings with press and analysts, you can book your reservations in advance by contacting Suzanne Axtell ( ) and requesting a date and time in half-hour or hour blocks. If you would like to reserve the room during the conference, sign up on-site using the reservation sheet located just outside the meeting room.

Sponsor Press Collateral Area

Sponsors can also leave press kits in the Web 2.0 media center for press to access. Press kits can be dropped off at the Web 2.0 media center at the Argent Hotel beginning on Wednesday, October 5.

For more information on how PR can help you at the Web 2.0 Conference, contact Ben Stricker at 415-905-2464 or Suzanne Axtell at 707-827-7114.

For more information on Web 2.0, please visit: http://www.web2con.com/


Laszlo Systems
MSN Search
Sxip Networks
Ask Jeeves Inc.
Fenwick & West LLP
AT&T - The world's networking  company
Joyent, Inc.

Media Sponsors

Online Publishers Association
Open Source Technology Group (OSTG)
boing boing
Fast Company
I Want Media

Spnsor Opportunities

Web 2.0 Sponsor Opportunities--Reach business leaders and technology influencers at the Web 2.0 conference. Call Amber Rattu at 415-905-2647, email or click here for more info.

Press and Media

For media-related inquiries, contact Ben Stricker: or Suzanne Axtell:

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for press passes for the Web 2.0 Conference, press credentials for the conference are no longer available.

Speaker Opportunities

Speaking opportunities are by invitation only. Speaker suggestions can be forwarded to Vee McMillen at


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