O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference - January 31 - February 2, 2006 - San Francisco, CA
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Tuesday, January 24th

Hacker Café
All ETel attendees are welcome to drop by the Hacker Café on Tuesday, January 24. Meet the frontline application alpha geeks and see one-on-one demonstrations of their work. If you've created (or are creating) something, here's a chance to meet people who would be valuable to brainstorm your ideas with, and perhaps find your first customers.

The Café is an unstructured environment in which impromptu “birds of a feather” (BOF) sessions can thrive. A wireless network and the relaxed company of your peers can foster a powerful mixture of ideas and people.

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Wednesday, January 25th

Exhibitor Reception
Location: Grand Ballroom Foyer

Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Visit the ETel exhibitors and enjoy great refreshments at our Exhibitor Reception. Check out some of the innovative products and services from our sponsors in the emerging telephony space.

ETel Fair
Location: Bayside II & III

Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Often the most innovative uses for a technology aren't from the biggest players but from people outside the mainstream with real needs--the true garage inventors like Jobs and Wozniak who make the markets. The ETel Fair showcases the below-the-radar excellence that heralds the future of VoIP and web telephony applications. There will also be some fun projects that will entertain and amuse but point to more serious futures.

Are you an entrepreneur, arts project, research group, or pre-funding startup in the web telephony space? Are you developing a piece of software that changes how people communicate? Do you have a gizmo that makes people go "wow!" Do you have a piece of infrastructure that's sorely needed by VoIP application builders? Do you know someone like this? We want to hear from you!

Please drop us a note at with a few details of how we can find these people and why you think they should be promoted. All ideas--business, advocacy, civil, or arts--will be considered, though space is limited and not all proposals can be accepted. It has to be cool. It has to be useful. It has to be from an underdog. (Funded startups and businesses looking for exposure at ETel should contact Andrew Calvo at andrewc@oreilly.com for details on sponsorship.) Exhibitors at the ETel Fair receive one table and a poster and will demo their creations to ETel attendees, press, and the world.

The innovators you will meet:

  • Gtalkr - Wes Carr
  • Ringfo - Todd Pinkerton
  • ITP Project 1 - Asterisk List *-ls Spencer Kiser and Dee Harvey
  • ITP Project 2 - (Geo) Phone Tag, Spencer Kiser
  • ITP Project 3: /Popularity Dialer Jenny Chowdhury
  • Bluepulse - Benjamin Keighran
  • PolyVox - Greg Sadetsky, Denis Laprise, Samuel Cossette and Jean-Philippe Lebel
  • Zork - Simon Ditner
  • Spark Parking - Cooper Marcus, Marc Cull, Brandon Bidlack, and Justin Eckhouse
  • Trixster - Bret McDanel
  • Shadowmite - Matthew Fogle
  • Solar Wifi - Brad Jensen
  • OpenWengo - Adrien Cahen
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    There are currently no events scheduled for Thursday.

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