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Monday, April 24, 2006
 Ballroom A Ballroom C Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom G
8:30AM MySQL Cluster Configuration, Tuning, and Maintenance, Johan Andersson Secure Your PHP and MySQL Web Applications, Laura Thomson Certification Primer I: MySQL 5.0 DBA Optimizing MySQL Applications Using the Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture, Arjen Lentz Planning, Deploying, and Diagnosing Problems of J2EE Applications on MySQL, Mark D. Matthews
12:00PM Lunch
1:30PM Replication for Scaling and High Availability, Jeremy Cole, Eric Bergen New Features of MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 In-depth (Partitioning, Updateable Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures), Jan Kneschke Certification Primer II: MySQL 5.0 DBA, Harrison Fisk MySQL Performance Optimization, Peter Zaitsev, Tobias Asplund Data Warehousing with MySQL, John Paul Ashenfelter

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
 Ballroom A Ballroom BBallroom C Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom FBallroom G Ballroom H Napa Rooms
8:20AM Welcome!, Arjen Lentz
8:30AM State of the Dolphin, Kaj Arnö, David Axmark, Michael (Monty) Widenius
9:15AM Bootstrapping: Starting an Open Source Business With Almost No Money!, Greg Gianforte
10:00AM Enterprise-Class Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management for MySQL, Steve Lucas
10:30AM Break
11:00AM The Java Advantage in MySQL, Philip Antoniades Creating .Net Applications with Linux and MySQL, Matt Lord Agile Database Techniques: Data Doesn’t Have to be a Four-Letter Word Anymore, Scott Ambler Introduction to Database Normalization and Joins, Mike Hillyer, Arjen Lentz The 5.1 Release, Brian Aker Advanced MySQL Replication with Load Balancing, Edward Archibald Lumenation 6.0 LAMP/AJAX Environment/Framework, Don Keeler MySQL Certification Roundup - Q&A, Carsten Pedersen
11:45AM Break
11:50AM The Case for Carrier Grade Linux in Telecom, Oren Teich Troubleshooting the Open Source Software Stack, Michael Baum Migrating a Large System to MySQL, Ananth Reddy NDB API: Using MySQL Cluster's Hidden Magic, Johan Andersson A Look at New and Cool Things in the World of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf Achieve Unlimited Data Availability, Steve Wilkes What's New in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Jay Migliaccio
1:30PM MySQL Certification Exam Registration, Carsten Pedersen
2:00PM Bringing Open Source to ERP with opentaps and MySQL, Si Chen Upgrading to PHP 5: Why and How, Laura Thomson JBoss Seam, Gavin King New Storage Engines in MySQL 4 and 5, Patrick Galbraith MySQL Replication: New Features and Enhancements, Lars Thalmann MySQL In-Depth for DBAs, Robin Schumacher Blade Server Configurations for MySQL, Marc Nozell Data Protection for LAMP/J Applications, Paddy Sreenivasan
2:30PM MySQL Certification Exams, Carsten Pedersen
2:50PM Zimbra: Modernizing the Messaging Architecture, Scott Dietzen Practical I18N with PHP and MySQL, Jim Winstead Performance Tuning Best Practices, Jay Pipes MySQL Cluster: New Features and Enhancements, Stewart Smith A Day in the Life of a MySQL Windows DBA, Gerardo Narvaja Genero: An Agile Application Infrastructure for Custom Application Development, Don Bizzell Power Programming with Sugar Suite: How to Optimize SugarCRM with MySQL, Jacob Taylor, Clint Oram
4:00PM MySQL Certification Exam Registration, Carsten Pedersen
4:30PM Embedding MySQL, Jim Winstead PHP Framework and the Eclipse PHP IDE, Andi Gutmans, Mark de Visser Advanced User-Defined Functions in MySQL 5, John David Duncan MySQL Partitioning, Philip Antoniades Panel: Scale Out, Chris DiBona, Brian Aker, Dorion Carroll, Jeremy Cole, Brad Fitzpatrick MySQL 5 Applied: The Sakila Sample Database, Mike Hillyer Leveraging BIRT in Your Applications, Scott Rosenbaum Crystal Reports and Business Objects Data Integrator for MySQL, Sean Johnson MySQL Certification Exams, Carsten Pedersen
5:20PM Synchronizing MySQL-based Applications with Mobile Devices, Fabrizio Capobianco Using MySQL Cluster as a Distributed PHP Session Storage, Bernhard Ocklin, Hartmut Holzgraefe Higher Order MySQL, Giuseppe Maxia MySQL Performance: 5.0 vs 4.1, Peter Zaitsev MySQL Server and Storage Engine Roadmap, Robin Schumacher, Zack Urlocker What *Not* to Include in Your DB Schema, and Why, Danny O'Brien Dispersed Data Storage, Chris Gladwin, Matt England Maximizing MySQL Performance and Interoperability Through Data Connectivity, John Goodson
6:00PM Exhibitor Reception
7:30PM Break
8:00PM HackFest A: Creating New UDFs, Hartmut Holzgraefe, Jeremy Cole HackFest B: Creating New SHOW Commands, Brian Aker

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
 Ballroom A Ballroom BBallroom C Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom FBallroom G Ballroom H Napa Rooms
8:30AM State of MySQL AB, Mårten Mickos
9:15AM O'Reilly Radar, Tim O'Reilly
10:00AM Open Source & Linux at HP: Community Development, Customer Success, Christine Martino
10:30AM Break
11:00AM Open Source Business Intelligence, Barry Klawans PHP at Yahoo!, Michael Radwin Speeding-up Queries: New Features of the MySQL 5.0 Query Engine, Timour Katchaounov Use Cases for Replication and Cluster in MySQL, Brian Aker MySQL Network: MySQL Expertise, Across the Enterprise, Andy Bang, Rob Young What Do You Mean There's No Backup?, Mike Kruckenberg, Jay Pipes Improving MySQL Observability with Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), Robert Lor, Luojia Chen Pentaho Open Source Business Intelligence Suite, Richard Daley MySQL Certification Roundup - Q&A, Carsten Pedersen
11:50AM Building OLAP Applications with Mondrian and MySQL, Julian Hyde Wikipedia: The Cheap and Explosive Scaling with LAMP, Domas Mituzas, Brion Vibber Implementing an HA Search Engine Using MySQL Cluster, Massimo Brignoli, Enzo Panetta, Deborah Peroni Asterisk: Open Source in VoIP, Gregory Boehnlein Security by Example (or, "Stupidity and the Real World"), Kristian Köhntopp “I Just Want to Get My Data From X Database Into MySQL!” , Glen Hawkins Building High Performance, Reliable Digital Services, Sandeep Gupta
1:30PM MySQL Certification Exam Registration, Carsten Pedersen
2:00PM MaxDB: The Professional Database, Ashwath Kakhandiki ext/mysqli: The New Glue Between MySQL 4.1 and PHP5, Hartmut Holzgraefe MySQL Connector/Net: Work the Way You Want To!, Reggie Burnett Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL, Mike Hillyer My Second Life Runs on MySQL: War Stories from the Metaverse, Ian Wilkes Internal QA in Open Source Development, Omer BarNir Business Intelligence for Everyone, Paul Doscher High Performance Interconnect Solution for MySQL Cluster, Einar Rustad MySQL Certification Exams, Carsten Pedersen
2:50PM MaxDB: Easy Admin & Cool Features, Roland Mallmann Using MySQL with PDO, Wez Furlong Connector/ODBC 5.0 Features and Enhancements, Mark D. Matthews MySQL Partitioning, Part 2 (Advanced), Mikael Ronström MySQL Migration Toolkit, Michael G. Zinner Upgrading Real Sites: The Journey from 4.0 to 5.0, Bruce Dembecki The Power of Open Source and the LAMP Technology Stack, Michael Anderson Creating a Database Driven Compliant Infrastructure for Fixed Content with EMC Centera and MySQL, Chris Patel
4:00PM Break MySQL Certification Exam Registration, Carsten Pedersen
4:30PM Common Configuration for the LAMP Stack, Corey Williams Web Performance and Scalability with MySQL, Ask Bjørn Hansen InnoDB: Features and Latest Enhancements, Heikki Tuuri, Ken Jacobs FeedBurner: Scalable Web Applications Using MySQL and Java, Joe Kottke Panel: Scaling MySQL in the Enterprise, Noel Yuhanna, Michael Anderson Using MySQL Network, Andy Bang Red Hat Global File System for Clustered Computing, Eric Melvin Ruby on Rails Introduction, Dirk Elmendorf MySQL Certification Exams, Carsten Pedersen
5:20PM Shifting to Lightweight Architecture with LAMP, Peter Yared Web Application Clustering with MySQL, Bård Farstad, Zak Greant InnoDB: Designing and Configuring for Best Performance, Heikki Tuuri Tuning MySQL5 SQL and Stored Procedures, Giuseppe Maxia Using MySQL HA/Clustering in real world deployments, Howard Hart Using Embedded MySQL as a High Performance Alternative to Traditional Filesystems, George Schlossnagle Peer-to-peer Deployment of MySQL Databases on Dell PowerEdge Servers in an Enterprise Grid Environment, Bharat Sajnani Solid Information Technology Delivers “Always-On” Database Technology, Offering New OLTP Storage Engine to Open Source community and MySQL Users, Ari Valtanen
6:05PM End of Sessions

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Thursday, April 27, 2006
 Ballroom A Ballroom BBallroom C Ballroom D Ballroom E Ballroom FBallroom G Ballroom H Napa Rooms
8:30AM The Ubuntu Project: Improving Collaboration in the Free Software World, Mark Shuttleworth
9:15AM Wikipedia, Open Source, and Knowledge Communities, Mitchell Kapor
10:00AM Break MySQL Certification Exam Registration, Carsten Pedersen
10:30AM BIRT: The Eclipse Reporting Framework, Krishna Venkatraman Qcodo: Rapid MySQL/AJAX Application Development using PHP Code Generation, Mike Ho Perl DBD::mysql Latest Enhancements and Features, Patrick Galbraith Plugging Your Applications into the MySQL Storage Engine Layer, Brian Aker Technorati: Scaling the Real Time Web, Dorion Carroll MySQL for Oracle Developers, Ronald Bradford Advanced Connector/Net: Internals & Debugging, Reggie Burnett Connector/J Under the Hood, Mark D. Matthews MySQL Certification Exams, Carsten Pedersen
11:20AM OpenI: Open Source Business Intelligence Gets Real, Sandeep Giri Confession Time: Deadly Sins Using MySQL and PHP, Arjen Lentz MySQL GIS: Overview and Tools, Jeremy Cole Measuring MySQL Server Performance for the Sensor Data Stream Processing, Jacob Nikom Open Source Enterprise Content Management, Kevin Cochrane Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedures, Konstantin Osipov Optimizing MySQL on Source Code Level, Vadim Tkachenko
1:30PM A New Storage Engine Specialized for MOLAP, Juergen Faisst Django: The Web Framework for Perfectionists with Deadlines, Jacob Kaplan-Moss JSF, AJAX, MySQL, and Component-based Web Development, Max Katz Scaling Out with Open Source, Batara Kesuma MySQL GUI Tools for the Enterprise, Michael G. Zinner MySQL for Oracle DBAs, Mark Leith Extending MySQL Made Easy: Plugin API (FULLTEXT parsers, Storage Engines, and More), Sergei Golubchik MySQL Performance Landscape, Peter Zaitsev
2:20PM Jim Starkey's OLTP Storage Engine, Jim Starkey Applied Ruby on Rails and AJAX, Farhan Mashraqi Extending MySQL Network: Creating and Deploying Custom Advisor Rules, Jan Kneschke MySQL and the Cisco Systems VoIP Softswitch, A. J. Blanchard Growing Your Business; Strategizing for the Future, Laura Merling
3:30PM MySQL Movie Magic, Milton Ngan
4:15PMEnd of Sessions
4:30PM Ice Cream Social

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