An Invitation to Attend the 2006 Where 2.0 Conference

Nat Torkington Tim O'Reilly

There's nothing like the feeling in a room when a community forms. If you were at Where 2.0 in 2005, you know what that feeling is like. Last year in San Francisco the open source geospatial developers, major portal map teams, and mash-up developers like Paul Rademacher (Housing Maps) and Chris Smoak (Seattle Busmonster) came together for the first time and realized they had something in common. They all felt the excitement as geospatial programming came, for the first time, within the reach of any programmer.

This year's Where 2.0 continues the story of this opening up of geospatial. Yahoo! has released a new mapping/local platform, with Flash as an option, and became the first to offer a geocoding API. Google Earth adoption continues to grow, while Google Maps still rules the mash-up world. Virtual Earth became Live Local and continues to benefit from its integration with the Microsoft MapPoint team. The question of money has come up, as startups like Platial are built on the portal mapping platforms and as the portals grapple with turning developers into dollars.

At Where 2.0 you will see what's new from the portals and examine the exciting new startups built on these mapping platforms. You'll discover the open source geospatial software that's shaking up the industry, and find the grass-root location-sensing hacks that bring GPS into everyone's life. We hope you will join us and the developers, innovators, and business people behind the new era of geospatial software as we come together for Where 2.0 2006.

Nathan Torkington
Program Chair
Where 2.0 Conference
Tim O'Reilly
Founder & CEO
O'Reilly Media, Inc.