Conference Overview

Why Attend?

  • See what's on the horizon, locally as well as globally
  • Learn about the coming technologies and business models before they disrupt your business
  • Make new contacts: customers, vendors, peers, partners, and competitors
  • Discover the emerging important technologies, new products, new data, and skills from other experts—all under one roof
  • Network across the whole spectrum of the open innovation community in Europe
  • Explore IT best practices for open source adoption, integration, and deployment

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs ready to catch the new wave of innovation sweeping onto the technology, data and services scene.

CIOs and CTOs looking to position technology strategy as a central pillar of the future growth and health of the most successful businesses in Europe.

Policymakers who want to learn what will drive the future of Europe, within the technology, media and services and the people who use this.

Lead developers and software architects ready to learn from the frontrunners, and to explore how the notion of open is impacting not only the code, but also the products and services, they ship.

CEOs who want to understand the disruption of open technology and how it will impact how products and services are produced and consumed and the ecosystem of employees, customers, partners, and competitors.

What to Expect

EuroOSCON will be filled to the brim with keynotes, tutorials, sessions and conversations. Look for mindbending demos, provocative keynotes, hands-on practical tutorials, and lots of two-way interactivity. Open technology is at the core of the conference but the real fun starts as we look at the applications, interactions and ultimately disruptions that open technology and communication will give rise to.

We're bringing in the best of Europe and the world to engage with you and fellow participants from across the spectrum of technology, business, culture, and government in Europe.