EuroOSCON Sessions

One of the best reasons to attend EuroOSCON is the unprecedented gathering of top-notch presenters, leaders, and experts from across the globe. Core developers, lead users, entrepreneurs, hackers and visionaries share their knowledge with you.

Tutorials & Sessions by Track

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Building a Multimedia Settop Box with VDR
Mirko Dölle
Track:Desktop Apps

Building Internet Applications with Mozilla XULRunner
Benjamin Smedberg, XULRunner Lead Developer, Mozilla Corporation
Track:Desktop Apps

Developing Berkeley DB Java Edition: Internals and War Stories
Charles Lamb, Architect, Oracle

Being a MySQL Developer
Lars Thalmann, MySQL

EU software patents reloaded
Florian Mueller, Founder, No Software Patents
Track:Emerging Topics

Jabber is way more than Instant Messaging
Florian Holzhauer
Track:Emerging Topics

The Grey Commons (w/ Palle Torsson)
Rasmus Fleischer,
Track:Emerging Topics

How OSS changes a goverment department
Walter Harms, Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz
Track:Emerging Topics

Managing your mobile devices
Harrie Hazewinkel, Director Professional Services, Funambol
Track:Emerging Topics

Freedom to Call, Freedom to Code
David Bitton, CEO, Wengo
Track:Emerging Topics

Music 2.0: The Coming Revolution
Colin Brumelle, Product Manager
Track:Emerging Topics

Exporting Affluence: Government Initiatives for Open Source and their Effects on Software Development
Matt Asay, VP, Business Development, Alfresco Software
Track:Emerging Topics

Open Usability
Jan Muehlig, relevantive AG
Track:Emerging Topics

Rolling Your Own Google Maps
Scott Davis, Senior Software Engineer, OpenLogic
Track:Emerging Topics

Making the Web of Things
Simon Wardley, COO, Fotango
Track:Emerging Topics

Jabber Bootcamp?
Ralph Meijer, Jabber Software Foundation
Track:Emerging Topics

Track:Emerging Topics

Ubuntu: Community Building for Human Beings
Jeff Waugh
Track:Emerging Topics

Dare, Care and Share
Tor Nørretranders, Writer
Track:Emerging Topics

My life has value! Making sense of public and private data on the Internet
Track:Emerging Topics

AllPeers: From Open Source to Open Media
Track:Emerging Topics

Guerilla Evangelism: Opening Closed Environments
Zak Greant, Director, Free Software and Open Source, eZ systems

Channeling Open Source in Europe
Ranga Rangachari, CEO, GroundWork Open Source, Inc.

Open Source for Fostering Local Development
Alexios Zavras

An economic interpretation of the evolution of the free/open source software.
Lorenzo Benussi, doc, university of turin

Making It Work: How to Build a Successful Open Source Project
Louis Suarez-Potts, Community Manager,

The Best and Worst of Open Source Business Tactics
Cliff Schmidt, Vice President of Legal Affairs, Apache Software Foundation

Design patterns for positive externalities
Marc Goldberg

Open Source @ openBC: How, Why and Where to?
Lars Hinrichs, Mr,

Pigs and Butter -- what the Co-op Movement can Teach Open Source
Claus Dahl,

Fast and Rich Web Applications with PHP 5
Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP

Advanced Lucene
Grant Ingersoll, Senior Software Engineer

The Apache DBD Framework
Nick Kew, WebThing Ltd
Track:Web Apps

Monitoring large scale web applications with Nagios
Pankaj Kaushal, Technical Yahoo!, Yahoo!
Track:Web Apps – Building the Next Generation Collaborative Mobile Groupware
Mirko Ross,
Track:Web Apps

Lessons and Tips from the AJAX Frontline
Scott Dietzen, President and CTO, Zimbra
Track:Web Apps

Learning Ajax
Alex Russell, Project Lead, JotSpot


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