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An Invitation to Attend the Second Annual Emerging Telephony Conference

Surj Patel Brady Forrest

Zero Cost doesn't necessarily mean Zero Sum. Think different.

The last year has seen a rise in the number of free call and Voice over IM (VoIM) providers. Telecom and technology prophets have rubbed their hands as their prophecies of "eat as much as you can" IP voice calls have inevitably come true. Also, the democratization and open access to formerly arcane telecom knowledge has created the building blocks for a large swath of new voice services startups. The last few years have seen the emergence of new real time voice comms adding to the traditional model in the same way that the Web 2.0 paradigm adds to the Web 1.0 models.

This year at the O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference, we again bring you the precursors for “thinking different” and laying bare the opportunities for both estbalished telecom players and for entrepreneurs in this space. Remember, there are roughly 250 million PC's in the world and 2.2 billion handsets. Which one do you think represents the greater opportunity?

We will cover the leading edge knowledge for innovation and revolution. From usability, design, products, and open source software and hardware, we will explore the projects these technologies have fueled. In our workshops and focused plenary's you will find access to the new knowledge that can fuel your fires of innovation. Our Maker Fest, Birds of a Feather sessions and hallway "tracks" are where you can meet the hackers and financiers who make new industry segments.

ETel celebrates what's different in telecoms and looks at the edges of innovation to find the freshest ingredients for the telecoms cooking pot. We look at how cutting edge telecoms from three perspectives: business, culture and technology, and the intersections between them. From these intersections, we identify the seeds of disruption and sow them in your minds to inform you of a potentially better telecoms world.

Please don't miss this wake up call.

Surj Patel and Brady Forrest
ETel 2007 Program Chairs